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WTS Surefire 951 weapon light
WTS/WTT surefire model 951 tactical weapons light includes removable surefire tape switch and removable IR flip filter cap. These are fantastic weapons lights they are the current military issue for our troops.

specs as follows:

SUREFIRE M951 KIT02 Millennium Universal WeaponLights (With FM63 IR Filter)

Surefire M951 KIT02 Millennium Universal WeaponLight is from the SureFire which is leading manufacturer of Tactical Products, WeaponLights, Rifle, Carbine & SMG Light Systems. Surefire M951 KIT02 Millennium is six-volt shock-isolated dual thumbscrew mount/M49 system powered by two lithium batteries and providing 65 lumens for one-hour of runtime or 120 lumens for 20 minutes using an optional ultra-high output lamp assembly. The system attaches to Picatinny Rail interface-equipped shoulder-fired weapons via a ARMS #17 Tri lock mount.

The shock-isolated system of Surefire M951 KIT02 Millennium Universal WeaponLight is modular and components are interchangeable, permitting rapid field conversion to the desired light output, bezel and switch configuration. The 1.47" diameter bezel, lamp and tailcap are interchangeable with SureFire's Special Operations Series of handheld flashlights, allowing for expedient field swapping of parts. M951 KIT02 Millennium Universal (MU System) WeaponLight from SureFire WeaponLights are MilSpec type III Class 2 hard anodized. Surefire Weapon Flashlight M951 KIT02 also includes Surefire FM63 Infrared Filter.

FEATURES of Surefire M951 Millennium Universal WeaponLight

• Lamp assembly/Runtime - SureFire xenon/halogen gas-filled lamp assembly with 65 lumens output for 60 minutes, or 120 lumens for 20 minutes with optional ultra-high output lamp assembly
• Switch Assembly - XM
• Bezel Diameter - 1.47 inches
• Mount – Thumbscrew
• Includes FM63 IR filter and 7” plug-in tape

This is brand new, comes with the optional 7 inch removable tape switch (also has rear push button activation) removable infra red cap, new batteries.
$175.00 shipped
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