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Surefire 6P / G2 LED Flashlights (NEW)

  1. Wow... These LEDs are finally available locally...

    Would appreciate if anyone can share comments on the following questions :

    1. Can these new LED lamps be installed in existing 6P/G2 nitrolon models??? Am planning to get one (G2 LED) and use the LED Lamp on my 6P defender...

    2. Are these SF LED lamps similar to the CREE LED lights in Fenix Flashlights - Better & efficient light/power?

    3. Anyone tried comparing actual light from a 6P/G2 LED vs incandescent 6P/G2? Are both lights similar / powerful / blinding effect? Any noticeable differences?

    4. Anyone interested in buying a black SF G2 Nitrolon with a Tactical Impact Device (Selling for 2k - or best offer)

    Regards and thanks to all BOG members...
  2. Hey bro, long time no see...I'll try to answer your queries :)

    1. The existing lamps can be used for the G2' and the 6P's. I'm not sure about the Defenders, will have to email SureFire to see if they're shock isolated.

    2. There's no CREE markings on the box bro, have emailed SureFire though. The LED does last longer than the incandescent, and has a higher lumen output (12hours runtime, 80lumens).

    3. They're apples and oranges bro, each has it's own use. They are both blindingly bright, but having a yellow light still has its advantages. Remember white light dispereses easily when it hits fog or smoke. But for a normal, but dark night, the LED will do great.

    I'll answer your questions better once I get a response from SureFire man!:thumbsup:
  3. Thank you... KS... Really appreciate yor inputs here...

    Please let the BOG guys know what SF has to say about using the 6P LED lamp on a standard 6P Defender...

    Best regards and take care... :thumbsup:
  4. i have a SF 6P LED, i'm totally happy with it. it's bright at 80 lumens and has longer battery life. i might be putting a TID on it. :thumbsup:
  5. Nice one SAKI... Ako din... I might get the G2 LED than swap the LED LAMPS on my 6P Defender... I found a review on one site about the SF LED Lamp... Galing talaga ng SF...

    here is the site

    SF G2 LED review :thumbsup: