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Sure is quiet in here. . .

  1. anyone have anything to discuss?
  2. Hmm...not really. I keep an eye on this forum, though.

    Connecticut is still here. Temperature finally is getting in the normal heat for this time of year! Late spring and early summer were COLD! We had to pull our winter bed covers back out because the nights have been so chilly. Camping last weekend in Plymouth (or Plimouth, whichever) Mass we were walking around in sweaters in the evening, in July!

    Now, of course, everyone is complaining about the heat :upeyes: .
  3. if our gun laws were as bad as yours...i'd guess that noone is at the keyboard because they are all protesting at the capital..24-7
  4. Although it's great that Eric created a forum for our area, almost nobody seems to come here.

    On the other hand there is a dedicated local forum that is extremely busy all the time with hundreds of posts/day. That's where most of us from the Northeast hang out.
  5. where would that be?
  6. That would be in my Sig line! :)
  7. Wow, I didn't know about the northeastshooters.com site. I'm in NH so will be participating over there.