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Suppressed 6.8SPC Upper give away

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by RWBlue, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. RWBlue


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    Jan 24, 2004
    I just wanted to let everyone know I am going to win a Suppressed 6.8SPC Upper. :banana:

    Well, I mean you can win a Suppressed 6.8SPC Upper. :thumbsup: ... 15488.html

    Giveaway #3 Announcement - Suppressed 6.8SPC Upper

    Postby allingeneral » Thu, 29 Nov 2012 17:33:34
    This is the official announcement for the third and final Sterling Arsenal giveaway, originally called the "Summer Silence" giveaway. Due to me being wrapped around the axle for the last couple of months, it's now the Silent Winter Giveaway! :) This giveaway is sponsored by Sterling Arsenal and Arsenal Attorneys and includes the following items, all in one giveaway!

    - Suppressor-ready Sterling Arsenal complete 6.8 SPC Gladius Upper (Lower assembly not included)
    >>>>>- .30 Caliber Suppressor - Sterling Arsenal Sicarius Direct Thread Suppressor
    >>>>>- High Tensile Tool Stainless Steel
    >>>>>- Serviceable Baffle Design
    >>>>>- Direct Thread Adaptable
    >>>>>- Rated for 308 cal and 5.56MM rifle
    >>>>>- Black Arsenal Finish
    - Arsenal Gun Trust(tm) Services and $200 cash prize from Arsenal Attorneys
    Prize to be awarded on or about 30 December 2012
    (cutoff is NOON - Saturday, 29 December 2012!)





    There are multiple ways to enter, and when the winner is selected, the entry methods will be verified. Enter by as many methods as you want, and come back to this thread and reply with your methods of entry.

    Entry methods:
    1) Become an NRA member or renew you membership

    2) Virginia Citizens Defense League
    - Become a VCDL Member
    - Renew your membership
    - Donate to VCDL or VCDL PAC

    3) Donate to VGOF (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level)

    4) Post info about the giveaway in another gun-related forum (don't be spammy or get in trouble with the forum moderators!)

    5) Sign up for the VGOF newsletter and forward the newsletter to 5 friends using the "Forward this Email" link inside the newsletter (if you are already a newsletter subscriber, forward to 5 friends, no need to sign-up again)

    6) Post a link to this thread on your Facebook page

    **Regardless of the entry method, each entrant must come back to VGOF and:
    Post in the announcement thread (this thread) to let us know which of the above they completed for entry.

    A random winner will be selected from the entrants who post IN THIS THREAD as outlined above. VGOF will select a winner on or about 30 December 2012. Please read the following post for details and contest rules: announcements/upcoming-giveaways-suppressed-firearms-and-trusts-t13740.html

    Please also visit the sponsors of this great giveaway!

    Read more: ... z2DgCCegkA
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