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Summer Is Officially Over, Boat In Dry Dock

  1. Had to cut summer short this year. Due to dry weather, the lake is a couple feet low, and didn't want to risk having a real problem getting the boat onto the trailer. I use an old road that goes into the lake to launch and pull my boat.
    The campground at the other end of the lake has a gravel ramp, and I would scuttle my boat before paying to use that. Besides, doubt if it is in much better shape.

    I have a bunk trailer, but thinking of putting roller on next spring to make shallow water launching and landing a little easier. I was able to land the boat in low water that wouldn't cover th bunks, but it would be impossible to launch it....the winch doesn't "push" worth a dang.

    I'll still canoe or kayak until ice -in, but for me, this signals end of summer.

    What is your event that makes the season change to fall??

    Boat 1 Oct 2020.jpg
  2. Nice boat!
  3. I don’t put my boat away until Dec. Usually toward the end.
  4. Good looking boat. How was the fishing this year?
  5. I pulled my personal boat monday. I'm gonna shrinknwrap it here in the next few days. Yep, summers over.
  6. Put the top on the Jeep yesterday.

    Put away the lawn mower, get out the snowblower.

    Finally had to close the bedroom window at night.
  7. Typically, I know things are moving along nicely with the opening of tree rat season in mid-August. September 1st is when the fun begins, though! Dove and early goose open, with wood duck and teal close behind.

    Right now, I'm enjoying the evening and watching the sun set while bow hunting in a tree stand.
  8. Was sub-par on the lake this year. The word got out a few years ago about the big smallmouths and a lot of folks don't do the "catch and release" thing. While not bad eating, I've only kept a few bass that I have hooked deeply. Not like trout or salmon.
  9. Envy you a bit being right on the water. Makes it sweet for boating/fishing. Too bad about this year's fishing. Bet you it's better next year. :fishing:
  10. The temperature up in Tucson can be counted on to be under 100 degrees.
  11. It’s 105 today. Phoenix.
  12. Won't be long and you can play with your ice hole.
  13. Saw three moose today in the Teton's. The Aspen have turned a beautiful golden color.
  14. Yup....gotta put new runners on it and change the oil and gear case lube soon.

    skidoo 2019.jpg
  15. Yup, it's over. First hard freeze in the forecast for tonight. And another summer has passed where I didn't get squat done. Maybe next year.
  16. I got a new boat and plan on fishing every month of the year. It will obviously slow down soon but we have enough moderately warm days in any given month to get out a day or two at least.
  17. I'm too smart to have a boat, ;) and even smarter to have a best friend with a boat, and he moves his boat to the Florida Atlantic coast or Cancun for the winter, and we fish down there. :dancingbanana:
  18. I sprayed down the carpet on the bunks with silicone lube before landing the boat. But when the bunks are an inch out of the water it's a tough job winching the thing up.

    I want to try to put rollers on and have them lower than the bunks. Bad thing at the "ramp" that I use is when the water gets this low, there is a "reef" I have to deal with, where the water is only about 8" deep in places, have to get out and guide the boat between the big rocks. Just bought new hip boots and waders after years of living with leaky ones.
  19. Move to Florida, we never put out boats in dry dock. :)
  20. To me, fall is officially here when I have to get out the flannel shirts.

    I'm heading to Guntersville Sunday to bass fish for a week and when I get back it's time to get on the water here until they pull the docks at the lake....normally in mid November.
  21. Ha-Ha....my little boat ain't near that class, but same idea. In the spring when the salmon and trout are biting, or early summer when the bass are hammering everything tossed into the water, I gots all kinda' "friends". Come time to pull things out and get ready for winter, all the sudden they are wicked "busy" with other stuff.

  22. And the mosquitoes are on the job year round and work overtime......
  23. Nice boat. I winterized my little fishing boat last week. Weather will be colder with rain with only a few days to fish. I just bought a new Tacoma, and they don’t want you pulling a trailer for the first 500 miles anyway.
  24. Rich people problems.

    I really dig the shark mouth.
  25. I’ll know summer is over when I can turn off the A/C and open up the house. 87* today but the weather guessers say a cold front is coming so maybe soon.
  26. Winter cover on the pool. Pump shut off.
    Ah, blessed silence.
  27. Damn, it seems like it just thawed out up there. Time flies.
  28. Pulled battery from the toon and then went and sat in a tree bow hunting.
  29. Yeah probably in about three weeks or so,lol. It’s starting to get darn cool at nite, heck we had our first serious snow in October last year and it snowed up into May of this year. :fist:
  30. UGA football.
  31. I love your boat! Time on the water is special time. And we both know that a bad day fishing beats a good day at work. Captaining your own ride is a bonus.

    I hear you about "fair weather friends." They're all over you when game fish are running. OTOH, when there's work to be done...radio silence.

    I think I've earned my ride by putting over two decades of sweat-equity into engine, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems design, construction, repair and maintenance. I think this because in return my friend is so generous toward me that I have never once had to reach for my credit card when we tied up at the fuel dock with 600 gallons of air where diesel fuel needs to be.

    We're in drydock in the mid-Atlantic now undergoing some heavy maintenance, refits and modernizations. We need to winterize the fresh and raw water systems to prevent freeze damage. When we look for volunteers, we're met with nothing crickets. I guess I'll be busy for a couple of upcoming weekends. That's what genuine friends do.

  32. When I can leave my windows open in the evening and I start making soups and chili. We're a long ways away from that considering it's still 104 here.
  33. It was 59 this morning and hit 76 this afternoon. I spent the day bass fishing wearing shorts and even did a little wading when I got tired of riding around in the boat.
  34. In Vegas, you know it’s fall, when it gets below 90 and the wimmin’s break the Ugg’s out.
  35. 102 on my drive home today from work (tucson).
  36. When temps in Tucson drop below ~95 I switch from vodka tonic to St James Gate beer. :D
  37. Have zero mosquitos where I’m at

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  38. When it stops being 100+ degrees outside
    That’s when summer is over.
  39. :cow:
  40. Yeah, I’ve had that problem too. Those are the kind of people I only take once.
  41. So much for the hard freeze that was forecast. It's 47F and clear. Nice moon out. It is a bit colder in surrounding areas though.

    WTH? I think my 47F thermometer is broken. Another one says 32F now and another one says 34F. It did feel a bit nippy when I went outside.

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  42. lv.JPG
    We missed the races last weekend, but we are paid up for next year. Maybe we could go out and tip a few. We stay at Southpoint, away from all the Hubdub! We fly SW out of KC, a little over two hours, faster going back. LV got their second race last year in September, scheduled for midday. It was so hot, no one in stands. Fans said they weren't coming back. LV and Nascar rescheduled for later in the day this year. Still hot, but at least you are not sitting in the direct sun. I know we look stupid, but spectators were taking their hotel towels in bathrooms and getting them wet so you could stand the heat in the stands.
  43. I’m in. Let me know when you are in. One of my best friends, is Chief Pilot for South Point.
  44. Autumn starts for me when I put on long pants, break out the sweatshirts and turn the furnace on. That was this morning. I can't wait until the leaves begin to change colors. tom. :cowboy:
  45. That's a nice size boat, I've wanted one for years. There are a few here in the neighborhood that never move.

    I want one for fall salmon fishing Up North Michigan river systems. The guys on the water do better than the ones on the shore.
  46. Next week we're looking at 60's to 70. Still holding out hope and plan to play some golf at least next week.

    For me, when it dips below 50 for the high, or gale force winds in the 50's is my limit.

    Every week I delay "winter", the less time I have to wait for spring. And here (like there), it's a looooong wait for spring.

    By the way, nice boat! I really like those Lund boats.
  47. Get some High Density Polyethene for the trailer bunks and it will slide off without water.