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Summer gear from High Noon Holsters: P-01/PCR and RAMIs.

Discussion in 'CZ Club' started by clarkstoncz, May 19, 2010.

  1. clarkstoncz


    Sep 28, 2006
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    A little bit of Sunshine!

    That's what I looked forward to after what seemed a long Winter season.

    Seeing that big brown truck pull up to my house last week and deliver a brown box
    From High Noon, was very refreshing.
    As requested, the contents yielded some nice pieces of High Noon craftsmanship.

    The new Embossed ROCK STEADY belts have been available for a few weeks, but I
    think I'm the first to review one.

    Starting with the basic concept of a sturdy belt being needed to carry gun gear.
    The laminated/ layered belt design is a real winner in my book.
    The good folks at HN have been making the Rock Steady belt for a few years and I've
    never has a complaint with my horsehide belt, nor have I ever heard of one.

    They cost much more than another brand, but are not really comparable in design, thickness, or quality.

    The belt sent to me is in tan cowhide with the embossed Ostrich pattern.

    Thus, my ray of sunshine for a gloomy day in May- was seeing the new belt along with two
    holsters. They really lifted my spirit, and I couldn't wait to review such!

    The tan finish is striking, to say the least. A perfect match for a hand boned tan cowhide HN
    holster. Or also as in my case..a natural horsehide holster from Michael and crew.
    Strong stitching throughout in the golden thread that's mentioned by writers when reviewing
    HN gear. When you see that thread, you know you are getting a super quality product.
    The same goes for the black holsters and belts from HN. Strong and efficient- at a decent price!

    Complimented with a forged nickle plated buckle. You get your money's worth
    with this belt.

    Now, after over a week of hard use, it's barely broke in.

    I could see this or other HN Rock Steady belts lasting more than
    10 years.

    As for the two holsters:

    Looking at the lovely TOPLESS model holster crafted natural horsehide for the P-01.

    My wife Nancy's PCR slide right into it. Trademark (or it should be) golden thread
    and hand boning to produce a gem of a holster.
    The belt loops offer an optimum angle for discreet carry of you favorite CZ or
    other pistol/revolver.

    I like the idea that most HN holsters come with an adjustable tension screw.
    As some holsters do stretch out over time with use, but I prefer horsehide
    in that regard. More durable than cowhide in my book.

    The rear of the holster is stamped P-01 and also features the HN maker's stamp.

    I'm sure that the many 75D Compacts now on the U.S. the market will also fit and
    look very good in the Topless, Slide Guard - or other P-01 marked HN holsters.

    So far, in the week that I've used the Topless/PCR combo. The holster has proven to
    be both smooth drawing and very secure.

    Like with my other reviews of HN products in the past. One can expect the very best from
    High Noon, and these holsters show it!

    The Slide Guard model holster for the 2075 RAMIs fits both my alloy framed carry gun of
    7 years, and should also my new RAMI P (polymer frame) that will arrive from CZ-USA in
    a few weeks.

    Long before the RAMI or even PCR and P01. I was carrying a Pre-B CZ75 and working the
    last years of my career doing investigations.

    I once had a dream of a chopped CZ riding under my suit coat. Needless to say..
    the advent of the RAMI was the answer to my packing a heavy CZ all day/night, but
    I was medically retired by then.

    Know that out of all the HIGH NOON and other brand holsters that i've used over the years for the RAMI and other CZ ,Glock, Ruger pistols and revolvers.

    The SLIDE GUARD has been the most comfortable of them all.
    Myself- starting with a cowhide version in tan, and now with the natural horsehide
    There is good reason that the SG is a top seller for HN.

    CZs have levers that sometimes poke you or rub on your clothing or body.
    The tab of leather eliminates that problem.

    Marked 2075 on the back and features the High Noon maker's stamp.

    The SG for the 2075 RAMI models wears even better than it looks!

    I like the adjustable tension screw and the cozy feeling that everything
    is just fantastic about this holster.

    As with the P-01 holster in this review. The draw was smooth but still secure.

    This holster did seem to be a bit tighter but is breaking in nicely.

    Not withstanding. The Slide Guard offers a great holster at a decent price
    for custom made leather goods. Nor, is the wait as long as that of comparable
    custom makers.

    Mated together. Either holster on the Rock Steady embossed belt makes for a
    great carry rig. The addition of a single (Tie Breaker) or double ( Double Take)
    magazine pouch (mine are in natural horsehide) completes the deal!

    So, if you are suffering from cabin fever, or just want to do yourself and gun a favor.

    Look towards High Noon- for your Summer (and all season) holster and gear needs.

  2. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
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    Very nice stuff :thumbsup: