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Suggestions for a Stainless Commander

  1. I have 3 1911's, 2 Govt and 1 Officers. Now I am looking for suggestions for a stainless commander.
  2. What's your budget? I'd suggest a Ruger SR1911 CMD as a baseline.
  3. I would want something in the same price range as Ruger, for sure under $1,000.
  4. Ruger.
  5. I have both the full size Ruger 1911, and the Commander. The Commander is the lightweight version, with an alloy frame. Both are fine pistols, and that’s where I’d start looking.
  6. Because it’s a Colt and not some junky ass Ruger.
  7. Have you owned one? It's pretty well done. I had a couple quibbles with it, but nothing function related. Granted I'm a Colt fan myself and I let the Ruger CMD go, I have a couple quibbles with Colts too.
  8. I don’t bother with anything 1911 they aren’t Colts.

    I own plenty of other Ruger guns and know what the general quality is lije.
  9. I have a recent manufacture Colt Lt. Weight Commander that I am very happy with. It was under a grand, even here in NY.
  10. To
    To limit oneself to only Colts in the 1911 world is unfortunate as there are many makes from awesome companies like Baer, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, STI that offer high end functional art IMHO.
  11. Colt's quality is much better today than the 80's and 90's guns. Even on the SAA's. But they still cost a lot. Ruger's 1911's are very nice, and well-priced. I think Les Baer's are best at their price point. But I don't think they are doing stainless guns. I'd look at Sig and Smith&Wesson too if you don't mind external extractors, but again I don't think they have a stainless commander.
  12. Colt
    Colt Wiley Clapp
  13. JMB worked with Colt on the 1911. Not with Remington, not with Winchester, not with Wilson Combat, not with Ruger.

    You buy what you buy and I'll stick with the Prancing Pony.

    BTW, when the US Marine Corps Special Operations Command wanted another .45, they bought the Colt M45A1.
  14. Hey I get ya, Colts were and still are great, and anything else is a copy, but dang are there some stellar “copies” out there. I just like em all! Well most of them.
  15. IMG_20150502_112757_852.jpg
  16. Colts are great, but the brand snobbery is an unfortunate derail of the thread.
    If the only real 1911s are Colt, I guess the GI Remington Rands, Ithacas etc that served for 40+ years aren't 1911s.
  17. 098289111371.png It seems this it's what you're looking for.
  18. You guys are welcome to recommend whatever brands you like.

    I don’t force you people to like Colt, why don’t you all extend the same courtesy to me?

    If I were to care about other brands, I wouldn’t call myself Colt .38 Super Dude.
  19. Baer makes stainless models.
  20. I prefer the Colt stainless when compared to the Springfield Armory. It just appeared to be a nice quality. My brother swears by the Ruger but I was not impressed with that either.

    I ended up getting the Colt Commander in blue. :fred:
  21. Which was short lived as they then went with the Glock 19 in 2016.
  22. Guncrafter
  23. And then the USMC went with the M18.
  24. So the OP says he wants something in the same price range as Ruger and for sure under $1,000 and everybody recommends a $1,400 to $2,400 gun. :upeyes:
  25. OP- I think Colt is making the best 1911's they have in years. In the sub $1000 range, I'd go with a Springfield Ronin Commander. Caveat- the slide is blued and the frame is stainless.

    For my own reasons, I think this is a better combination than a full stainless. I still don't like stainless for 1911's.
  26. granted that the Colt Wiley Clapp SS Commander or the Colt Combat Elite SS Commander are MSRP at $1399, but unlike a Ruger, the Colts will not lose values.
  27. Go with the Colt. Worth the extra money. Love mine. 20190325_224518.jpg
  28. I have a Colt XSE Lightweight in 9mm. Looks just like Ol' Grand Dad's .45. Very easy shooting. I agree with you Colt38SuperDude, to each his/her own. There is enough hate and discontent in the world... no need for us to feed on our own.
  29. It's not "brand snobbery", also it is an opinion, not an "unfortunate derail".

    Not anymore of a derail than yours or my post.

    I also suggest a Colt.

  30. Kimber fan here. Either the aluminum frame Pro or the Pro HD will be a fine choice. FWIW I have two Colts. They’re fine guns.
  31. Kimbers are not a true commander sized 1911 style gun. I would personally choose a wiley clapp stainless 45 acp commander. If you look for a commander model colt. You can still find a deal on a good model from time to time. Just go on the search. But look for ones not messed with. New or used they are out there cause every body wants a 9 mm stricker fired pistol. And people trade in guns for whatever reason.
  32. I have several Ruger SR1911-CMDs and they are nice for the money.


    I treat them like used pistols when I buy them and check them over before I plop down the money which is usually well under Ruger's MSRP in LGSs down here. Also Rugers are often on the various sales some LGSs have down here for really great prices. But thinking used really does bring up Colt. I have often joked that Colt sort of competes against itself with all the used guns that are out there for sale. Years ago I found a 1991 SS Colt Commander in the toolbox of a friends pickup. It was covered in oil and other yuk. He was going to give it to me but I have had bad luck with people "giving me a gun" so I gave him $300 for it. Then a lot of clean up and replaced every spring in it. It had a horrible trigger pull so new sear and disconnector plus a new long trigger and replaced the Nylon MSH with a steel one since could not get the Nylon one silver again. Also used the Cylinder and Slide Series 80 trigger pull reduction kit which gives one all new Series 80 parts. Replaced the rubber wrap around grips with some wood stocks. Nice pistol now but have over $400 in it now.


    If you live where you have LGSs with a good used selection you might keep and eye out. A for example is back in 2011 I found a LNIB DW Classic in 10mm and Commander size in a LGS. They wanted $1K for it. Lovely pistol.

  33. This XSE stainless steel 575627F1-4E45-4276-9F56-BE7C87036D48.jpeg 89BC19C7-B15E-477C-93F4-90E9CE0742A0.jpeg lightweight commander is being passed from me onto my stepdaughter.
  34. I'd like to have that 10mm....
  35. Have owned Kimbers, Sigs, and early Springfields. And I'm only comparing production guns, not custom/semi custom.

    I only own Colts now.

    In production guns there is no other brand that retains its resale value as well, rightly or wrongly. And they are turning out better 1911s than they have in years but...they are starting to cut some corners cosmetically to keep prices down. Look at the Custom Shop Series 70s from 2010-2014 compared to today's. It's obvious that the earlier reintroduced 70s were much better polished. Just saying. Ditto cocking serrations and true roll marks vs current introduction of laser engraving.

    Even with that being said, the resale point still remains true. And bargains are out there, even during crazy 2020. You just have to be patient and shop for them.

    Oh...and for suggestions...here's two, both from the used gun market, and well under your $1000 cap.


    2015 XSE Stainless Combat Commander 45


    2014 1991 Stainless Combat Commander 45
  36. Yes, I had one of those custom shop boxed series 70 repro pistols. Very nice. Traded it off like an idiot unfortunately.

  37. Don't feel too bad...so did I. :)

    The fit and finish, particularly the polishing of the slide and frame flats was amazing imo. Currently, Colt is doing same amount of polish as the Series 80 1991 pistols. Not horrible, but not what it initially was either.

    But...they come and they go.
  38. I also have a Ruger lightweight commander and it's great. If you want something a little special and some time, consider building your own from an 80% kit. I built one from 1911builders.com last year and it is beautiful. It's the 3rd one I've built. It's nice to be able to say you've built one.
  39. I am a total Colt fan boy. So of course I am going to say Colt at that price point for stainless.
    But don’t overlook the Springfield Ronin. That 2 tone is nice.
  40. Ha. It is almost as though you are implying Colt still makes quality products. Those days are gone my friend. They are NOTHING MORE than a name now.
  41. Already been said.
  42. And.. everyone has an opinion...
  43. The Colt junk days of 1980s-2000 are long gone.

    Colt 1911s are better made now than ever had been. New Cobra, King Cobra and Pythons are flying off the shelves.
  44. I agree with Dakota. The Dan Wesson 1911s are a fantastic value. My favourite is a 2008 CBOB in 10mm. A dandy of a commander in SS
  45. I'd like to see these being manufactured again to stay; the Detonics Combat Master. This one's a Mark VI model in 100% stainless steel, and it's surprisingly accurate and easy to shoot: