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Suggested Features Pending Final Approval

Discussion in 'GTArmY - Join The Fight!' started by Eric, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Eric

    Eric Big Giant Head Staff Member Admin Silver Member

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    Jan 1, 1970
    • Point system integration i.e vbcredits (Points = Gold)
    • Posts increases gold system (alternative if forum owner doesn't have a point system)
    • Convert Soldiers into Gold Miners = Bonus Gold however gold miner cannot defend or attack.
    • Introduction of Houses (need to upgrade houses to increase soldier limit)
    • Alliances with other players
    • Team attacks (attack a player with allies at same time combing army attack power)
    • Map of players instead of list of players.
    • PM notification is member is attacked.
    • Addition of game settings section to the admin area as well as a full integration of all of those settings into the relevant portions of the game.
    • The Gold and Turn bonus have been integrated into the game so that they will add the specified race-bonus amount of turns and gold to the user's account rounded to the nearest whole number.
    • Basic "Edit User" functionality has been added, so that the admin will be able to delete users at whim by entering in their exact username or userid in the appropriate field. More advanced and easy user editing will be in the premium version.
    • Basic "Reset Game" function, which basically deletes all users and clears their inventories.
    • 0 Spy and 0 Attack bug fixed. (And minor template changes/fixes)
    • Admin can now configure the amount of troops gained from each recruitment click and can set the cooldown timer.
    • User receives private message of attack so they know whos attacked them as soon as possible.
  2. Malkuth

    Malkuth Defend Freedom

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    Feb 23, 2002
    Ideas From Concept Thread. (To be moved up By Eric when Approved) I will add to this list as people add new ideas.

    • Zombie Attack That you have to defend agaist, and are warned via Message System
    • Change to the Attack system to get away from losing gold, maybe losing men instead and gaining something else if attack wins. Or losing something when lose.
    • Alliance system with Bonus to alliance members from the highest rated Alliance leader.
    • Instead of Installing a Map which might not be done.. Develope a new Text system that adds Land Points as a value. IE 4 Land Points would mean you own 4 miles land, or acres, or what we decide on
    • Trading system where you get a % of Gold that the Player you are trading with gets every day with miners.
    • Players have to start losing soldiers in battles. Does not seem to work at this time.
    • System to protect new players from getting attacked by bigger and harder players. Maybe a day or two of freedom of attacks, or until the new player attacks first, which then he is fair game
    • A new name for GTarmY, and new graphics and weapons systems based off what ever the community decides on
    • Non Agression packs
    • Player protection packs for those times that you don't want to add someone to your alliance just yet... Maybe a future member that you are testing out
    • Ability to build your own soldiers instead of having others click for you. Using gold when the new Monetary system is developed.
    • When you attack the enemy the units that you have sent out are inactive and cannot be used for 24 hours. They will be taken out of your total units on your army page and placed into a Brigade with a timer. They will be subtracted from your units during that 24 hours which means if you are attacked the only defenses that are figured into the defense equation are the units that you have NOT used to attack, or AKA the units that are still active.
    • When you attack you do multiple things to the target country
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