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Stupid monster box

  1. Got a brand new ambulance a months ago... took it out for a spin today... and while I LOVE the thing to death, I can't back the thing up for the life of me... took me 5 tries to get it into the bay (by the way, the entrance to the bay is barely big enough for the piece... the bay door has about 6 inches of room on each side. I'm used to driving box's built on the old Ford F Series Chassis... this International is literally a third again bigger (at least) than the old one. I used to think I had a fairly good spacial sense (being able to tell where the unit is at any given time), but I'm having a beast of a time driving this baby in reverse. I'm told a few more practices and it'll be as natural as driving what is now our reserve unit, but it's still a pain in the butt. Any suggestions?
  2. I am a huge fan of the van type ambulances. I worked in them for years with no problem. I can navigate streets, driveways, ect better than the large box types. They also seem to have a smoother ride. Besides that I can reach almost anything I need while seat belted in. In the boxes I have to take my seatbelt off and sometimes move around the patient. The volunteer ambulance in my town keeps getting larger and larger boxes every time.

    Just my .02 cents
  3. Our dept. is buying huge four door Internationals. They are nearly as big as an engine. It sure makes it harder in apartment complexes and accessing rural driveways.
  4. With the ambulance parked correctly in the bay, line your mirrors so you can barely see each edge of the box. Note the position of the box with the back wall. Have you rpartner place a piece of take relative to where the box meat the wall in your driver side mirror. Aim for that spot when backing rather than the lines on the floor.

    Here is a lame attempt to draw what I am saying.