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Stunning Reaction to Floyd Death

  1. OMG, before reading this all I heard about was that Chauvin had been disciplined 18X and that he had kneeled on Floyd's neck for 8min 46 sec. ALL of this appears to be a lie and the lies are directly attributed to the Minneapolis city government. THEY need to be prosecuted for refusing to conduct an ethical and thorough investigationb before accusing the cops and igniting a bogus but nation wide riot. If these people have any integrity all I can't believe that they can ever sleep at night for the rest of their lives. SCUM!!!!!

    Dave is a police investigator for the state of NM and a friend of mine. Don

    On Aug 10, 2020, at 2:59 PM, Dave Coleman
    The more information that comes to light, the more disgusting all of this black lies matter bull**** and knee jerk defunding of law enforcement is

  2. Have the trial in January of 2022. If the officers are acquitted, it will be too cold to riot.
  3. That's not what Democrats want if Trump wins. If Trump wins they will want much more rioting. They'll have the trial in August when it's nice and hot and the Democrat militia will want to get out and loot, burn, riot and murder.
  4. so maybe there is more to the story... ohhhh, but he is so guiltttyyy, all white people must pay....
    there is always more to the story, the Left just doesn't want us to know...
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  6. They better be careful. We are law abiding folks. I have had street blocked by these losers. I found a different route. If they continue Violently attacking people. The care I exercise in getting clear will be less.
    Yrs back I came across a bridge, into a curve late at night. A person in black drew a large pistol, aimed it at me. My response. (he was in front of me but on grass due to curve)
    I hit the go pedal hard. Then I saw reflectors of squad car behind him. He had a black jacket, no reflectors, printed badge I didn’t notice and a hand held radar gun. (With car hid until too late)
    I suggested that was a dangerous thing to do. I did not get a ticket, he did not even run my plate as I pulled around to chat.
    He scared the heck out of me. At that instant I knew it was a big #[email protected]& gun he was going to shoot at me, I was going to duck under dash and run him over.
    I watched mad max. My first thought. “Why did she stop for motorcycles?”
  7. When they repeat “I’m not resisting” it’s a given they are. What a PITA to deal with. And he is the hero of the left?
    I still think the Officer was wrong not to try to get him up sooner. But the suspect playing games, promises.... makes it more understandable.
  8. Not if they light some fires.

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  9. The officer got rid of a thug , criminal and parasite to society. Floyd got himself into that position. Do stupid things win stupid prizes.
  10. This is going to get interesting.
  11. I believe you are correct.
  12. They are guilty of bad judgment and possibly for breaking some other rules or moral behavior, but not murder. If the prosecutor tries to go for murder, they may find that the evidence doesn't quite measure up, and they'll likely lose the case. The **** will hit the fan if that happens, but the cops are not guilty of murder, in this case, regardless of what anyone says about their history.

    They are not guilty of murder in this case.
  13. From the get go I said that this looks really bad, but, where is the rest of the story? The video shown by the news media clearly had been edited -- what else happened, and why was it not being shown? Also, where was the evidence that the officer's actions were racially motivated?

    It is an incredible shame that lives have been lost, lives have been ruined, and millions of dollars of property have been damaged all for the purpose of promoting a narrative -- a narrative geared towards influencing the presidential election.