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Study finds 92% of left-wing activists arrested by police live with their parents

  1. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog...ed_by_police_emlive_with_their_parentsem.html

  2. Well, I know I'd rather procreate than pugilate.
    Send them some hookers and blow.
  3. I'll bet they also smoke pot.
  4. Is this surprising? This is exactly why I'm not worried about "civil war".
  5. It's easy to be a socialist when it's someone else's money
  6. Or 2018 or 2020 lol!!
  7. Pretty obvious that only a few of them have jobs. . .
    If they did, they wouldn't have the time to riot and protest.
  8. Occupy Mom's Basement?
  9. Two years in jail or one year in the military. Lock them up, give them one choice.
  10. All stereotypes have their basis in reality . . .
  11. I'm going to steal that! Procreation before Pugilation. I don't know if Pugilation's a word, but if it isn't, it should be!
  12. Hmmm...So it's NOT just a good punchline to a joke... :whistling:

  13. Not surprised at all!
  14. I'm not taking up for lefties, I just don't put much stock into anyone saying X% of people are this or that. Kind of like 90% of gun owners are in favor of Obama's common sense gun control or Hillary has a 99% chance of winning. "Lies, damn lies and statistics".
  15. [​IMG]

    As mine detectors? I'm not sure what else they could do besides hold rifle targets downrange.
  16. Exactly. How do they have the time for this?
  17. My nephew has gone off the deep end. He made a Facebook post that proposed that 'everybody' join a boycott and refuse to show up at their jobs until Trump quits.
    I responded by saying, "Does this mean you got a job? Good news." He un-friended me.
    I guess it hit pretty close to the mark.
  18. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  19. IMG_0928.JPG
  20. The study is not completely accurate. It is the address the person arrested TELLS the arresting officer. It may or may not be his or her real address. It might be just where they receive mail.
  21. Did anyone really think these people were gainfully employed, successful members of society?