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Stripper poll (pole? LOL)

  1. Me being nosy again, its what I do. A couple of the recent threads have been about strippers, and it seems to me that they cause you men to make some very poor decisions.

    Poll is anonymous, so don't be embarrassed. Of course, feel free to elaborate because we love details LOL.
  2. I’ve dated Two dancers in my past. I didn’t spend much money on them after the initial meeting. At the time they made more money than me.
    Edit: I also dated a girl who I always joked with her telling her she should be a stripper. We broke up and a couple years later I was with some friends at a club when I went to tip the DJ to play a song for me I saw her in the VIP grinding on a dude. I guess she took my advice.
  3. brief "physical encounter" with one, 40 years ago.
    one and done!
    for whatever reason, she picked me.
    likely not an unusual event, in her line of work.
  4. As far as personal experience with strippers.............have looked but never gotten involved....................it is true, you regret the things you didn't do.:devilish:
  5. i don't believe most American men have had any involvement or experience with a stripper.
  6. Details, OK here are some details.

    I used to be a Plant Manager for a chemical company and went to a meeting of the Chemical Manufacturers Assoc. in Atlanta where we sat at a table that included the President of the CMA and his secretary / assistant. A few of my plant manager friends and I had a nice luncheon discussion with her. She was very well versed in the chemical industry

    Three or fours months later we managers wound up in Atlanta again for a different meeting and went to Cheetah 3 one night. Girls were dancing on the tabletops. Later on we got another girl dancing, but by that time we were more involved in the latest company gossip and evidently didn't look at her enough. She finally said " You guys don't remember me do you?"

    That made us give her a better look and we all said almost together " OMG, you're Sheila from the CMA " . She looked different with no clothes on. We said WTH are you doing here.

    She said she had asked her boss for a raise shortly after that meeting and he had said no ( He evidently was crazy ), so she had quit and started dancing at Cheetah's. Said she was making more than twice the money she had been making as a secretary.
  7. From 20 to 23 I was a bar back, bartender, and hostage negotiator (assistant manager) in a few strip bars in the Dallas/Ft Worth area... a few years after that I tended bar and managed some country bars in the same area but maintained relationships in the topless bars...in other words I gave them free drinks if they came out to my bars when they were not working because it increased sales by a lot!

    I cannot imagine how much I spent pursuing strippers and really only have a couple of regretful interactions. I lucked into the first job in a topless bar (Hooters girl I was dating wanted to dump me and decided that getting me a job at a topless bar would soften the blow...she was right) and loved it...I had a blast and enjoyed the attention and learned quickly that jealousy and being possessive are not traits that attract people to you. All I did was work out, be a good host behind the bar, and (safely) enjoy the after party when invited. When you are one of 7-8 guys working with 70-80 young women...you get invited, and if you are fun and friendly and don’t try to make it something it’s not, you get invited a lot!

    I met a few that were not mentally stable or involved with substances or destructive life choices and I just drifted away from them and toward the fun girls. I dated a couple somewhat seriously but their lack of ability to seperate work life from real life led us to not date seriously anymore. I treated those years of my life like a movie...I played a part and I knew that I would not spend the rest of my life with any ties to or relationships from it. When I was 26-27 I made a clean break and left the bar biz completely. The only hold over I have is that one of the Dallas Mavericks “Mavs Maniacs” dudes was a club DJ I worked with for a few years...I ran into him at a Mavs game and it was like two guys from the witness protection program seeing each other. We gave each other a wide eyed handshake and exchanged “glad you got out alive” messages and moved on. Funny times. I still exchange awkward handshakes and hugs with him when I am at a game.

    I (safely) enjoyed the 90s...
  8. In the abridged words of the late great W.C. Fields.

    "To me, (strippers) are like elephants. I like to look at 'em, but I wouldn't want to own one!"

    Old Secessh
  9. Thankfully I spent my lifetime allotment on strippers in the oil patch during the early 1980's, before getting married.

    I went once as designated driver with 2 of my co-workers, who had heard from some the guys we were working with about an all nude club in Tampa, and they wanted to go. They were 20 years younger than me, so figured they needed to see what it was all about.

    We came home, with them hundreds of dollars poorer, frustrated, and drunk. In other words, typical night at the strip club.
  10. Dated one. WOW was she nuts.
  11. Yeah, you are probably right, BUT my boss loved going to strip clubs and always dragged me along; been in clubs in 30 odd states with him. Worst one I was in was in Georgia. Looked like a NYC brownstone , it was in the basement. The girls were hanging off the sewer pipes under the first floor as a stripper pole. :alex:
  12. No am one option?
    That limits a lot of us.
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  14. I have a friend who "poles" for fitness, and post's videos on Facebook. Other than that, I don't personally know anyone who pole dances.
  15. And I would have guessed the exact opposite.

    I actually don't personally know any man(friends or co-workers) that has never been to a strip club. While some only went once just to see what it was about, and others go way too much, everyone has at least gone inside at one time in their life.

    I have always lived in Medium to Large cities though, so maybe it is different in small towns.
  16. I had a lot of fun in the 90's. It included dating several dancers and spending ALOT of money on them.........

    I loved every minute of it!!!

    I did NOT marry a dancer/stripper.......

  17. Ah, a prime example of the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum.

  18. Odd topic for someone who won’t post a picture because in her words, everybody is a perv? :)
  19. I used one on my rental property's front porch before repainting.
  20. Yer Pole left out "was a stripper"...


    Yah, the group was Raw Sugar, and it was the easiest way to make $100/Hour in the 80's! Met the X wife that way (there is a CLUE in there) The Fringe Benefits were *outstanding* for sure!

    But yah, never had a relationship with a stripper, no way!

  21. Dated an ex stripper, NEVER AGAIN.
  22. I was suprised by this thread, too.
  23. If you haven't received an endorsement from Rabbi yet, you're overdue. ;)
  24. Beat me to it.. sort of. I was going to go with one of these kinds of strippers:

  25. No relationships with.

    A few bachelor parties that went out to a strip club. Drinking and looking.

    Did have a job once where a couple co-workers went to lunch at a strip club, fairly regular. One of them had a niece waitressing there. I went several times for lunch. They actually had really good food. As long as you didn't drink much alcohol, the price was reasonable. The daytime attitude seemed "respectful" from both sides. A few dollar tips to appreciate the dancers, but nobody trying to get anything more from them.

    Whereas night time, with bachelor parties or guys trying to get more than a dance, the atmosphere was completely different. As I recall, lunchtime seemed more about food, a drink, and get back to work :)
  26. You must have some really boring friends....
  27. I would guess I have spent a nice used Cadillac worth on them over the years, but I was just helping them work their way through school. So I feel like it was money well spent.
  28. You do realize that they are all “just working their way through school” right.?
  29. Yeah, that's why I am happy to support their efforts. Giving back so to speak.
  30. I have spent the last 50 some odd years supporting college working strippers keeping enough back for only Beer and eats , college strippers around Vegas and the private rent a strippers around St Louis are the most fun .
  31. 99% of strippers never really did much for me. Maybe just because there is no mystery. Not sure why.
  32. As I posted on another thread, I've known ( not in the Biblical sense) several. I became "friends" with a few that were not drug girls. They're just people, that happen to be pretty with nice figures, trying to make there way to something better. My two cents, or a $5 in the g-string in this case.
  33. Well there was this beautiful french woman in Toulon, she owned the place and..

    I think I will save this one for me..
  34. Boss took me here - Had a great time - spent maybe $50 including drinks.
    It's the only one I've ever been to.
    Wife knew and said, "as long as you don't bring home anything that Safeguard won't take off, go have a good time. Now, the caveat was that she got to go see Chippendale dancers with her friends, same stipulations. Yes, we're very happily married - 31 years - and trust each other implicitly.

    http://www.goo*guy*club.com (figure it out)
    GoodGuysClub - Washington, DC

    No need to return. Nothing new under the sun folks, nothing new. There's only so many ways you can twist it.
  35. Tell us the sea story about the one in Olongapo....
  36. I've been into the "Doll House" in Fort Lauderdale..
  37. Back in the early nineties, I lived in Clearwater Florida, about 200 yards from the Tattletales. Spend a lot of time there, but certainly well under $1000.
  38. Dated one for a few months 40+ years ago. Neither of us were in it for anything more then the wild ride it was. For the record, she had a 2 year old son named, no kidding, Thai Weed. Plus she had natural, rock hard 36DDs that kissed the sky. I've never known another woman that was game for anything in or out of the sack. If it sounded like fun let's give it a go.
  39. I was once a young Marine.... I have even been kicked out of a whore house in Japan for being too drunk, was told to come back tomorrow...
  40. I've been to a strip-club once, since a friend was dating a stripper and he really wanted me to hang out at her club.

    It reeked of stale beer, cigarettes, ho-stank and desperation.
  41. I visited a couple clubs 25-30 years ago when friends/co-workers wanted to go, but never spent any money other than for drinks. Just didn’t see the appeal. I have no desire to set foot in another.
  42. Don't know much, about strippers. Been to a few places over the years. Now Whore Houses???? Hell I've some memories there, in my younger (and single) days
  43. I guess you missed the Halloween costume thread.
  44. I think that is the one he was basing it on :)
  45. When I was a young GI, I spent a lot of moolah at strip joints.

    Met some very hot porn stars too: Samantha Strong, Porsche Lynn, Ginger Lynn, etc.

    Then I kind of grew out of it when strippers started showing up with all sorts of bolt-ons and cosmetic surgeries to their faces to try to look like Pamela Anderson.
  46. Huh? But I don't think everyone is a perv.

    I don't understand. Maybe I'm slow.
  47. Not a lot of strip joints in Oz as I recall. They had traveling shows that would visit hotels/bars. Went to one, meh, not impressed.
  48. There are no full nude clubs in Tampa that serve alcohol nowadays.