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Strike Industries extension on G43: fit in box?

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Howdy - During my 13 years of shooting IDPA matches, I've made the transition from thinking I could win matches with a G35 or G34 to thinking I'd rather do well in a match, but hopefully win a gunfight by competing with the Glock I carry. During this transition I've tried G19s, G27s, G26s and G43s.

A couple years ago my first go-round with the G43 was, at first, wonderful. But then I began experiencing a failure to reliably achieve slide lock because my right thumb was riding the slide catch release with my intuitive freestyle grip. A couple months ago I decided to give the G43 another chance, and, lo-and-behold, for some reason my thumb wasn't hitting the release as before. Not sure if Glock tweaked the position of the release or my grip changed in the intervening two years, but either way, I'm back to CC-ing a G43 as my primary handgun (in fact, it's my ONLY Glock at the moment).

In the run-up to a sanctioned IDPA match in a couple of months, I'm trying to modify the G43 magazines so I can start with 8 rounds in each mag and one in the chamber at the beginning of most stages. Because there is no BUG division in this match, I'm forced to move up to the CCP division with my G43.

Here's the dilemma: I've just equipped three mags with the Strike Industries +2 magazine extensions with total confidence. They worked before and I'm confident they will work again. But when I outline a box on a sheet of paper using the CCP dimensions as provided in the IDPA rules book, the fit looks VERY tight.

Has anyone tried to fit a G43 equipped with these extensions into a CCP box? Did the gun fit the box all right?

As of this point, my IWB carbon fiber holster that I use for CC 90% of the time works really fine for IDPA matches (once I got the hang of re-holstering by feel), so I'm close to achieving my original objective. I'd REALLY like to compete with this setup and then use the 8-round mags for CC backup, with a 6-rounder in the gun (with a GEE plate). Haven't tried it yet, but I think this rig will practically eliminate printing, even with a t-shirt.

Thanks for your input.