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Strange selection at LGS

  1. My main LGS here has been trying really hard to keep guns as well as ammo available for their customers. The interesting thing about it, though is their selection of guns has become a bit unusual.

    The handgun displays were well-stocked today, but the brands and models there were quite different than they were back in November. If you want a Beretta, either a PX4 Storm, or even a 92, you are in luck. Do you want an FN? A whole shelf of those, both 9mm and 40, hammer fired or striker fired. Want a Taurus? As usual, those are a dime a dozen. 1911's. Colt, Springfield, Remington, Sig, Kimber. Take your pick.

    Glock? A couple, but definitely no 19 or 23. Lots and lots of Heritage, Uberti and Taurus revolvers.
  2. Sounds like he is doing a good job of keeping something at most prices to appeal to many budgets.
  3. My friend who owns a range/store says Glocks are still a bit hard to get.
  4. I was at the store yesterday. Same kind of thing.

    Taurus revolvers, plenty.

    Beretta 96A1 in .40, they had a bunch but no 9mm 92 series models.

    PX4 , various.

    1911s, a fair amount. About the same as they always do.

    A bunch of Bersas in all calibers. (I look the looks of the UC .45 :supergrin:)

    1 Glock 35 in the shop and that was it.

    1 AK
    No AR
    No Ruger 10/22
    Few shotguns.
    Pretty good amount of bolt guns as you would expect. :wavey:
  5. yes, most gun shops are clearing the stock of the guns that were not selling before.