Strange check ride day.

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    Dec 21, 2002
    In 1960, as a student I was flying an Aeronca 11AC.

    I had soloed a Piper Colt and over about a year received all the necessary dual instruction, hood time and cross country endorsement.
    I also checked out in a J3 Cub because it rented for $6 an hour, half of the cost of the Colt.
    (That's another story. My J3 checkout was 3 landings. Then when the instructor got out I couldn't land the plane;f )

    When I bought the Aeronca, with two partners, I was free to fly whenever and wherever I wanted, solo, so I wasn't in any hurry to spend the money renting the Colt to get the Private.

    About a year later I heard there was a FAA check pilot designee in Frederick, about 40 miles away, and I thought maybe it's about time I got my Private license.

    I called and scheduled the Colt and the check ride for early morning.
    The weather was bad so I called and canceled.

    In a few hours the weather cleared so I thought I'd fly my Aeronca. I flew to Frederick to look over the Airport for when I finally did take the check ride.
    Having a coffee at Frederick, I happened to meet the check pilot. Nice guy.
    He said he wasn't doing anything and if I'd get the Colt he would still give me the ride.
    (Needed the radio and instruments for the check ride. I was hoping he would say he could give me the ride in the Aeronca. Heck I could fly needle-ball & AS ;) )

    So I flew the 40 miles to where the Colt was based, borrowed a E6B and plotter, swapped planes and flew back to Frederick.

    We went through all the necessary procedures and had a nice flight.
    I thanked the check pilot for his co-operation and an enjoyable flight.
    He said he enjoyed it to but it was really just a formality since he had already passed me when he saw I could handle that Aeronca.;f

    So after a long strange day, that evening after I dropped off the Colt and I was a new Private pilot when I landed the Aeronca at my home airport.:)
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    Aug 1, 2005
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    Cool story.

    I did my Private checkride out of Frederick, too. Proud day.