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    Three men out hunting became lost. It was getting dark and beginning to snow when they happened on a cabin in the woods. Getting no reponse to their knock, they entered and found no one home, but the strangest thing they'd ever seen....the owner had suspended an old-fashioned pot-belly stove from wires, fastened to the ceiling beams, several feet off the floor....they puzzled over the reason for this, when the first finally said, "Look, as an Engineer, I find this all the rules of thermodynamics, this makes the stove more efficient!"
    "Nonsense," said the second man, a psychologist....."This fellow is insecure here in the woods by himself, and by sleeping beneath the stove, he feels nurtured, as if he's returning to the womb!"
    The third fellow, a preacher, said, "No, this is a classic example of fire lifting up the religious spirit! It's plainly stated in the scriptures!"
    Just then, the owner returned, and the men thanked him for leaving the door unlocked, so they could gain comfort and safety. He assured them that was the way of life in the wilderness.
    "But tell us, why do you have your stove hung from the ceiling like this?" they asked.....
    "Had lots of wire, not much stovepipe!" he replied.