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Store Search - Tampa

  1. Are there any gun stores with good selections of typical service pistols, Glock et al, in the Tampa - St Pete area? Even Orlando. All my contact there knows of is chain stores like Dicks and Bass Pro. I'm taking a selection of mine for him to try out when there for the Fla. State IDPA and then go shopping.
  2. Not really, I order all of mine and have them shipped. Much cheaper that way. I've been all over the bay area and haven't found really good prices or selections anywhere.

    Wain Roberts in Pinellas Park are probably the nicest people in the business, not a huge selection, but can order anything,

    Shoot Straight in Tampa is probably the worst in the state, and will get as much as they can out of you.... Just the other day, their NEW bargain was the stock Gen4 G22 at $649!
  3. Kastle Keep in Largo always has a nice selection.
    They are on ulmerton road.

    Straight Shoot on 301. They are to pricey for me though.

    University Gun and Pawn on Fletcher. Have not been there for a while.
    Staff there was not friendly. But they had a ok selection.

  4. Its been a couple years since I was stationed in St. Pete, but I bought a couple guns from this guy in Clearwater while I lived in the area. Not a huge selection but the prices seemed decent and the owner is very friendly.


    I also had good experiences with Deer Hunter Guns, also in Clearwater. They're a little on the small side but have a wide variety of guns and great staff.

    I bought my Kimber from Knight's Shooting Sports in St. Pete and never bought anything else from them after that. I pointed right at the Custom II that I wanted and clearly said "I want to buy that Kimber Custom II." Sales guy tried to upsell me on two other Kimbers that were about 2-300 more than I wanted to spend. I realize he was just trying to make a bigger sale, but its kind of annoying when you specifically state what gun you want to buy. Anyways, Knight's does have a bigger selection of what I am guessing you have in mind, Glocks, Sigs and the like. So you may want to give them a try, YMMV. Just be aware they seem to be big on the upsell there.
  5. Coles or bust! Its the only shop I deal with now.PERIOD! Check it out.

    1901 Douglas Avenue
    Clearwater, FL 33755-1412
    (727) 447-5450
  6. Like Johns said, "Kastle Keep" on Ulmerton.

    "Wain Roberts Firearms" on Park Blvd, Pinellas Park. Not a huge selection but they have Glock, Ruger, XD's, (I think I recall) etc, etc. They've been around since the 70's.

    "Bill Jacksons" US 19, Pinellas Park. Very large selection, expensive.

    "Coles" in Clearwater on Douglas Ave. Good selection, good prices. Gunsmiths on staff.

    "Knight Shooting Sports" on US 19, just north of 118th Ave. Clearwater/Pinellas Park. They've trimmed their inventory somewhat recently.
    (Probably to pay to advertise on the "Shnitt Show.")

    "Cracker Boys" on 62nd Ave, St Pete/Pinellas Park, between US 19 and 49th. Street.

    "SRT Police Supply" in Pinellas Park on Ulmerton, just west of 49th Street on the north side of the road next to the NAPA auto parts. Very good selection, pretty good prices. Very professional.

    "Deer Hunter" guns on Gulf to Bay, east of US 19 on the south side of the road in a shopping plaza, Clearwater.
  7. Thanks, guys. I will pass these along and will take my host and hostess to all we can get to. I don't care about the prices or salesmen for now, I just want to show them some different guns that I do not own examples of.
  8. Then it's "Bill Jacksons" and "Cole's" for sure.
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  10. i was in bill jacksons and was not impressed and the salesmen looked down their noses at you like you were a complete idiot.i personally will never shop there.
  11. +1 on this. For an excellent shop, checkout Wain Roberts in Pinellas Park.
  12. Coles carries pretty much ever manufacturer and class3

    Its fun just looking around in his shop.
  13. Decent prices at Kastle Keep and Gun City. SRT Supply may or may not be open anymore since the owner, John Weir, was arrested at the SHOT Show by the FBI two weeks ago.