Stolen 50 cal ammo

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    Jan 19, 2010
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    This a very serious post. I am trying to find the spineless thug/thugs who stole over 10,000 rounds of linked .50 cal ammo...
    AND!!! to cover their spineless tracks, burned up the building and over $1.2 million in historical/transferable machineguns and property. The owner of this property was significantly under-insured and has suffered a great loss. The stolen .50 cal. ammo was mostly headstamped WCC 89. If you have heard of a huge amount of .50 cal. ammo available anywhere, or have purchased .50 cal. ammo recently with the WCC89 headstamp, please contact me immediately. The theft/arson occured in early December 2009. The criminals who did this crime NEED to be caught. Not only did they steal property, they burned a building, destroyed hundreds of weapons, and this senseless act destroyed historical gun parts and equipment that cannot be replaced. Please let me know if you hear anything. We are trying to accomplish this investigation without wasting law enforcement resources until needed for the arrest. Rewards WILL be offered for the arrest and conviction of the criminals responsible for this senseless destruction/theft. The victim is a "good-guy" and was an avid collector. Crime committed in Alabama. This is worth your time!!! We will not give up until these jerks are behind bars.
    Thanks in advance. PLEASE HELP>

    Well, let me put it another way. Law Enforcement definitely knows about this crime, but this fine network of concerned individuals can complement the LE efforts. I don't care who provides valuable information or helps find the [email protected]@holes who did long as we find them. Any help is appreciated and your constructive comments are always helpful.

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    Wow. I haven't been looking for any .50 lately as i bought all mine in April/October last year at the KCR MGS, but I'll let my other .50 shooting friends know! Thanks for spreading the word. Theft is one thing; arson destroying much more in irreplacable value is another level of a**holery.