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Stocks that would conform to Ban

  1. There will be no ban. Move along, nothing to see here.
  2. I agree no ban forth coming. Not this year anyways. Not as sure after 2014 but we will see.
  3. There is not going to be a ban, we have drawn our line in the sand.
  4. In NJ we have fixed stocks only. The MOE is nice and the ACE entry isn't bad with an extender and 1 inch buttpad.
  5. I'm sorry but thats just ugly looking. I would rather go to jail
  6. Dang. That looks very "Nerf."
  7. I am still trying to understand how having a non adjustable and/or no pistol grip on a rifle makes it any less dangerous. I am also trying to understand how someone whom wants to break the law cannot just knock the pin out so the stock is adjustable again.

    Another example of a worthless law made for no reason whatsoever other than to demonstrate power.
  8. The more I look at it, the more I like it. :supergrin:

    Thanksfully, I don't think I'll ever have to purchase one.
  9. We've lived with that since 2001. It's the most retarded thing and if you think this one is ugly, just google "California AR" and recoil at the horror that other manufacturers have hoisted upon us and some in CA have bought in droves in efforts to comply. Warning, the bleach won't clean the image out of your eyes.