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MJNA Medical Marijuana Incorporated

This last month has seen this penny stock jumping from .11s to today's close of .175 (today's high of .176 is the 52 week high).

This company is about to release FY12 Audited annual report with FY13 projected revenues, promised by a PR on or before 15 Feb.

This thing looks like its going to take off over the next 2 weeks, the last few days have seen incredible new highs each day.

iHub board folks said this company has been on CNN, Fox News, covered by Bloomberg and Newsweek and is the goto company for interviews on this industry.

4Q12 summary was PR'd last week, $5.19M Rev and $3.39M earnings, almost double revenues and almost triple earnings over 3Q12!

I'm not sure if today's close was a short term high or will it keep growing, I'm looking for an in and not sure what price point I should look for.

Anybody following/own this company?

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