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Stippling in Oregon

  1. Is there anyone near Bend, Oregon who does grip stippling? I'm looking to get a Glock 19 done. Also, how's concealed carry once the stippling is done?
  2. Springer could probably do it. Stipple would not be my choice for a carry gun, though.
  3. With the right holster stipple won't bother you. I recommend ssvi llc. He does it right and has several options on work. His new triggers he just released are top notch too. When I did mine I didn't want to risk quality by using a low priced individual.
  4. He is in Idaho Falls btw, shipping is simple 2 day air. Website is ssvi.us
  5. It depends on the texture that is done and your carry method/system.

    The uber-aggressive "lava rock" would probably be pretty uncomfortable, especially without an undershirt; then the effects of said stippling on said undershirt might be less than desirable as well.

    I count myself as a fan of stippling, and I do a finer texture that comes out more like a finer grit skate tape.
  6. I now have both my carry guns stippled. I also wear an undershirt year round. I used to never, but not that I've done it, I don't like carrying without it. Even if the gun is not stippled.