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Stippled my mag base plate a little

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I'm generally not a fan of stippling guns. Probably a good thing to do from a practical standpoint, but it completely kills the resale value (IMO).

But, mag base plates and grip sleeves are fair game - I mean, if you screw 'em up, just buy a new one. So, I just stippled a couple of my G43 mag base plates. I have to say, I really like how it grabs the pinky when gripping and the bottom part of the palm. It, along with the grip tape I added a week or so ago has made the draw of this small gun a whole new experience. Pics...
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Just snuck out for a quick range trip, second one in two days - Woohooo! Anyway, these stippled base plates are awesome. I feel like they give my pinky and lower palm a nice tactile target when drawing. Once in hand, I felt like they helped controlling the gun under recoil and made getting back on target easier. Between the grip tape and this minor mod I feel like the G43 is right where I want it.
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