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still waiting,mtac spartan-g23

  1. i like the crossbread because of the single piece of leather(pants are on the tight side) but its huge and the mtac minatore is way to thick,i think i have seen saddles with less leather:rofl:but the spartan seems like the best of both companies for my g23,lets hope,if not it will be 4 sale,does anyone know if they have a trial period,i looked at so many holsters,i hope its not too big :supergrin:
  2. I love my spartan. I wear it every day. Its super comfy, and the exposed rivets won't hurt you; you won't even notice them. You may have to hit the edges with some sandpaper...they may be a bit sharp. Mine was, but a light sanding took care of it. I'de buy another in a heart beat. Holsters are trial and error. I've run a few dozen before I found one I liked. Personally, I like the spartan for IWB and a Fin Designs paddle for IWB. Outside of those two, I sold off all my other holsters for my G26.
  3. ya i hope i like it,i narrowed it down to this or the ravin concielmant modular,i still may get that one too