STI Ranger II Range Report

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    Finally go to wring out the new STI Ranger II Monday morning. Apologies up front for the lack of pics.

    I normally disassemble, clean and lube new pistols before taking them to the range for the first run. The Ranger was shipped very wet so I decided to go ahead with it as it was. A buddy of mine and I ran 200 rounds or Federal and Blazer 147gr using two STI 9 round magazines.

    The trigger was perfect for me with a little takeup and a very crisp let-off. I'm sure a gunsmith could improve on it a little, but I'm not sure I would be able to notice.

    The pistol came with Heinie sights. I kept the rear fixed sight and had Dawson Precision put on the thinnest fiber optic sight they could. The end result is a very pronounced front post with plenty of light around the blade. Even with my bad eys, I had no trouble at all picking up the sight picture.

    The 9mm version of this pistol is bushingless and uses a bull barrel mated to the slide. Given that this is a 9mm pistol, that makes for a lot of steel in the top of the pistol While this felt a little strange when I first handled it, but the strangeness went away pretty quickly. Feels like a part of my hand. The Ranger also comes with STI's thin grips which I prefer. Makes for a thin package, especially for carry. Fit and finish on this pistol is amazing! Bluing is dark and even. I know a lot of folks don't like that it comes with a polymer trigger, but honestly I could not really discern any difference in feel between it and aluminum triggers I have experienced.

    Speaking of carry, I carried it for about 10 hours on Saturday as my wife and I toured Fredericksburg. Used a Galco NSA II that I had used for a Kimber Pro Carrry. There is something about the feel of a steel pistol on the hip. I have a strong appreciation for Glocks and have carried them for years, but there is just something intangible and special about the heft of steel.

    Okay... now for the shooting part.
    Fired 200 rounds without a hitch. No bobbbles, no misfeeds, just smooth shooting! Recoil, while not exactly .22 levels is not far off. This pistol is just a joy to shoot! In fact, I was shooting better with this pistol right off the bat than I have ever shot with any other pistol I have fired. The range I was at was not conducive to getting good benchrest groups off of. I plan on doing some bench tests once I have about 1000 rounds downrange. Off hand, I was keeping most of my rounds in the bull at 10 yards or so.

    Not sure if I will keep the RecoilMaster. Once I had it down, it was not too difficult to take down for cleaning, but you do have to have the special capture tool. With my Kimber Pro Carry, I could carry a small altered paperclip. Will revisit this when it is time to replace it.

    I will be using this pistol for carry and for IPSC Limited 10. It should do an excellent job for both tasks. Once it is broken in, I will probably take a look at a different finish for it since I carry most of the day. The bluing is very nice but it will probably not hold up to 10-12 hour days in the holster.

    Bottom line.... I'm a grown man so this is hard to admit too.... but this thing had me giggling like a kid! I felt like that with a little more practice, I could hit anything.
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    Where's the pics...I understand the feeling like a kid part...

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    good report!! Lets get some pictures up for sure
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    Maybe its just me, but I'd wear the original finish before I mesed with it. Its longivity might surprise you. Besides that, not much real good happens on a buffing wheel.

    My Ranger .45 ACP was shipped kinda wet like yours. ASlso, the folks at Georgetown shipped it dirty. It had been fired some. Don't know the ammo or the number of rounds.

    About those photos...?



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    Congrats on the STI..