Steve Tarani 2-Day Handgun Active Counter Measures - Oct.16-17, 2010 - NC

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    Steve Tarani 2-Day Handgun Active Counter Measures - Oct.16-17, 2010 - Fayetteville, NC

    Subject matter expert (SME) advisor to US FBI, US DEA, US TSA, US NSA and other agencies as well as an active federal use-of-force training contractor utilized by US DOJ, US DHS, US DOD, etc., Steve Tarani is a federally certified firearms instructor and full-time training provider of operational skills to high-profile agencies. His programs of instruction have been accepted as standard curriculum for a number of US federal and state-accredited programs throughout the US federal operational and training community.

    Possessing unique knowledge and information valuable to the enabling of security force/ LEO personnel in the areas of personal safety and rapid engagement force options, Steve Tarani is the published author of a number of books, training DVDs and trade journal publications. Tarani is additionally the architect of the recently commissioned International Chiefs of Police (IACP) Model Policy on the carry and usage of knives by federal, state and municipal peace officers.

    Currently sworn in the State of California, Tarani is the former CEO of Operational Skills Group, LLC (CA), on staff at U.S. D.O.E. NNSI/ CTA Security Force Training Dept. at Kirtland Air Force Base (NM), Pershing County Sheriff’s Office (NV) and is currently an active advisor to US DOD (VA) as well as on staff at Gunsite Academy (AZ). Mr. Tarani has additionally designed and developed edged tools for Buck Knives, Strider Knives, 5.11 Tactical and others.




    Grey Group Training:

    Steve Tarani 2-Day Handgun Active Counter Measures - Oct . 16-17, 2010 - Fayetteville, NC

    This class is designed to provide graduates with skills in Handgun Active Counter Measures against life-threatening assaults, under duress and at extreme close quarters. this two-day (16-hour) hands-on program of instruction provides the essential training skills necessary for immediate action, rapid deployment and utilization of real-world threat-response skills utilizing a handgun. Applicable to both open and confined areas of operation, this course provides training solutions necessary to secure personal/ optimal team integrity in challenging operational environments at extreme close quarters. Far from “square range” mentality, this program of instruction includes specialized training in CQB Handgun, Contact Weapon Defense (edged and impact weapons), Weapon Retention and Control, Counter-retention and Ground Recovery with Weapons.

    This unique course stands boldly apart from “institutionalized” programs of instruction as it incorporates live-fire interactive Active Counter-Measures training with a handgun. Bridging the gap between “fighting with a gun” and fighting with just about anything you can get your hands on – this course will train you to use your firearm, your environment and even your bare hands to maintain personal/ team safety and operational integrity in the event of real-world threat engagement at contact ranges.

    Topics Covered:

    Controlling Position, Range and Mobility, Concealed Carry, Immediate Access (physical, vehicular, etc.,), Rapid Deployment, Asymmetric Firing Positions, Handgun Defense against Edged and Impact Weapon attacks, Threat Engagement in both open and confined areas, Confronting Multiple Attackers, Fighting with a Handgun from the Ground (access, deployment, retention, tactical recovery, etc.,), Handgun Weapon Retention (in/ out of the holster, stationary, clearing, etc.,), Counter-retention (takeaways, principals of disarming, six positions, etc.,) and Hostage Scenarios (should you be held at gunpoint).

    Instructor: Steve Tarani

    Class dates: Oct . 16-17, 2010

    Cost: $395.00

    Location: Fayetteville, NC

    Required Equipment:

    - Duty/ issued/ personal handgun
    - cleaning kit, spare parts (recommended)
    - Holster (same exact holster utilized in professional/ personal carry)
    - 800 rds (minimum requirement for this course)
    - Mag pouches and at least three (3) Magazines
    - Range Gear (eye & ear protection, elbow/knee pads (recommended), raingear, etc.,)
    - Red/ Blue gun exactly matching your handgun (recommended).
    - Cover garment (can be a light shirt, vest, etc., just something that will effectively conceal
    - Comfortable attire suitable for rigorous physical activity
    - Notebook, pens, etc.,
    - Still cameras OK, however NO VIDEO RECORDING PERMITTED

    - Must have completed prior handgun training (Level 1, Intro, Basic, LE, Mil, ETC.)Please be prepared to provide a training resume during the sign-up process.

    If you are interested in attending this class please use this link to the Grey Group Training sign-up page:

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me;