Steps in dealing with a possible poser?

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    Ok gents,

    A guy I went to high school with has joined the Navy. He is posting photos on a community website, Facebook, and has a variety of albums. One album is titled "Navy SEAL training."

    He tags himself in these photos jumping out of Blackhawks, doing BUDS training and claiming that BUDS sucked.

    There are high quality professional photographs in this album and he tags himself as the person in these photos. The said individual in the photo is holding an M4 w/ ACOG and helmet and sunglasses and decked out in gear.

    I'm almost certain it is not him. If needed, I can post the photos on here and y'all can determine if indeed it is him or not.

    There is one photo in which there is a huge group of guys doing BUDS training. They are wearing woodland BDU bottoms and boots. No shirts. He tags himself in this photo. I am pretty sure he has a Navy tattoo on his back; however, the backs of all the guys in the photo are tattoo free.

    I have never liked this guy and the fact that he is possibly claiming to be something he is not pisses me off.

    Is there anything in the UCMJ that deals with a matter such as this?

    I will say this. There are photos of him on board a ship in a green flight deck uniform. Then he claims he is doing or did Navy SEAL training.

    Thank you for any input.



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    You can find the info you want here.

    Frog , Cass or some of the others will be along to help. They have access to ALL the info. You may want to PM the name/info at first. They can a help as they dislike posers as much as you do. Hope this helps.