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Steel Showdown match at BGSL, Wilmore, KY 9.8.12

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by atbarr, Sep 5, 2012.

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    The Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League is having their monthly Steel Showdown match at BGSL, Wilmore, KY THIS Saturday.

    Steel Showdown is an action pistol match that requires the competitor to hit 5 Static steel targets. Most stages specify a specific steel target to be shot last (Stop Plate) This format is friendly to all skill levels and is a great event to introduce new shooters to an action pistol event.

    Set up 8:30, Registration Starts 9:00, New Shooter Check out 9:30, Match starts at 10:00.

    ALL of our stages have shade and a seating area.

    **** New Shooters - (i.e. Any Shooter who has not had a new shooter check out at a BGSL Pistol Event) must attend a new shooters check out or they will not be able to shoot.****

    Cost: $20.00, BGSL members $15.00, (Juniors - $5.00 discount with paying parent) ****Junior 16 or younger.****

    We will offer a second relay for shooters who wish to shoot the match a second time. (Same pistol or different) There is NO additional charge for the second relay.

    Equipment: Any safe centerfire pistol / revolver .355 (9mm) or above or Rim-Fire (.22 ) We recommend a minimum of 3 magazines – 5 being MUCH better for magazine holding 10 rds. or less. Holsters must be strong side and cover the trigger when the pistol is holstered **Rim-Fire pistols may start at a low ready but must be bagged at the completion of each stage. Eye and hearing protection is required for shooters AND spectators. Ammo – a typical match is 125 rds. – with NO misses – ALWAYS BRING EXTRA.

    We ALWAYS welcome new shooters and spectators.

    You can always view our complete schedule here

    To Add your email to the Steel Showdown Mailing list

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