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Stealthgear Ventcore Holseter -- Standard or Mini for G19

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After some web searches, there does not seem to be much of a consensus on the size of a SteathGear Ventcore holster. I am 5’11’, 190 lbs, and carry a G19. Smaller is nice, but I'm a little worried about proper weight distribution for all day comfort. Mini or Standard?
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I had both for a G19 and very much preferred the Mini. The Standard is huge, and the Mini offered plenty of support. There was no difference in comfort for me, but the Mini was easier to remove/install. The biggest thing to watch out for is the spacing of the belt clips working with the belt loops on the pants you wear. With that in mind, I bought both. I got lucky and they both worked with the pants I normally wear, so I quickly sold the Standard.
thanks. is you weapon the G19 or equivalent compact size?
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