Doing a clean out and have many holsters and such I don’t use anymore. All prices are shipped. Some of the holsters and mag carriers I hardly used.

Post or PM if you have questions or want more pics.

I am new to GlockTalk forum. However I have a lot of history on both Snipershide and LRH under same user name.

Feel free to ask to call or FaceTime etc for info on items.

Venmo is preferred. PPFF is acceptable.

1)Stealthgear Ventcore OWB Flex Glock 17/22 Holster - $75

2)Stealthgear Ventcore IWB Glock 17/22 Holster -$60

3)Galco Glock 17 Leather Holster (G159HOD FL224B) -$40

4)Galco Should Holster System Glock 17/19 (26 fits too), with double mag. Also include attachment to change out mag carrier for blank -SOLD

5) Stealthgear Ventcore OWB Flex Glock 19/23 Holster -$75

6) Stealthgear Ventcore IWB Glock 19/22 Holster -$60

7)Stealthgear Scorpion Appendix Carry Glock 19 Holster -$50

8)Galco USP compact shoulder holster attachment. (If you want #4 and this one instead of Glock holster. Let me know) -$25

9)Stealthgear ventcore double IWB double stack mag carrier (fits Glock) -$30

10) Stealthgear ventcore OWB double double stack mag carrier -$50

11) Stealthgear ventcore single IWB double stack mag carrier (fits Glock) -$30

12)Bladetech AR Mag holster paddle -$20

13)Galco OWB Single double stack mag carrier -$25

14)Galco IWB single double stack mag carrier -$25

15)Bladetech double OWB doublestack Kydex mag carrier -$30

16) Stealthgear ventcore double IWB single stack mag carrier (fits 1911 mags and Glock 43/43x) -$50

17)ACOG Tenebrax Kill Flash -sold

18)Colt BCG with/firing pin, cam pin, retaining pin (no bolt) -$150

19)2 pack Vickers tactical Glock 43 +2 mag extensions.-SOLD

20/21) Streamlight TLR-1 HL. Sold