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Stealth Gear Ventcore

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Anyone have experience with this IWB holster?? I was searching for a holster for the wife at the LGS and a lady working there swears by them. It seemed well built and I like the design.

Anyone here have practical knowledge of this holster??
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I have multiple (ventcore IWB) that I have used extensively. Buy one. I'd sign up for their email list though, they seem to do ~20% off fairly often, which is nice particularly considering the current regular price point. BUT I think they are worth full retail if you will carry with it a lot.

-Secure (great retention, easily adjusts to carry where it passes upside and shake test which is hard for a hybrid since they use belt tension when worn)

I only have the full size, no minis (mini wasn't a thing when I started getting these). For a G19 or larger gun I'd probably want the full size for the widely spaced clips to get all that great stability, but for a sub compact or single stack I imagine a Mini would be the way to go. I also imagine a mini would do for a larger gun just fine.

I have the IWB ventcore magazine carrier too and never use it. It's just too bulky for me to put a double stack mag in that carrier in addition to a double stack pistol. I either pocket spare magazines or use a slimmer comp-tac leather IWB mag holder, or an OWB

Price and possibly wait time are the only cons I have come up with

Are there any issues with the Ventcore backing collapsing or folding when the pistol is drawn or re-holstered?

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