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Statistical lies by the left

  1. I'm no fan of Bloomberg but I'm sick of the stop and frisk BS.


    In 2015, reportedly the same year as this recording of Bloomberg, black men committed 36% of murders... White men were 30% of murderers

    Ok, 36% to 30%.... doesn't sound like that much more, right? But white men outnumber black men 5 or 6 to 1, nationwide.

    You go where the numbers are. It has nothing to do with race. And weren't the communities (the BLACK communities) begging for help?

    But Bloomberg is too stupid to face these issues correctly and head on, so **** him.
  2. The facts don't matter. You can't speak the truth. You can't present verified information. (Not beliefs, opinions... But mathematical facts). If it can be called racist.
    Trump and others are vilified for speaking the truth. He should as well.
  3. I take all statistics from whatever source with a grain of salt. Even the right twists them to serve their own ends.

    Anyway, statistics are like a bikini... What they reveal is interesting, but what they hide is vital.
  4. I am no fan of Bloomberg, but I agree with him on a few issues. He is being bashed for heavy policing in minority neighborhoods.


    I do not see what is wrong with this. Also, not sure why he is apologizing for it.
  5. Thats an old trick pony the Democrat like to pull. I remember the first year they did it here. What they do is count Hispanic's, /04's in UCR code as "white", /02's in UCR code. Forgetting all the while there is a reason the Uniform Crime Reporting system has a reason for assigning different numbers for race. /01= black, /02= white, /03 = Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander , /04 = Hispanic, /05 = other, /06 = Asian. I forget exactly what they were but UCR is a uniform way of the Feds statistical method of collecting crime data and race of victim, offenders, witness's.

    So a 22yo male caucasion would be a M/04/22yo. Thats what goes on the Police reports.

    So the cutie trick the Democrat Politicians used, and it started under Klinton, is to Lump white, Hispanic, and other all into one group instead. They just created it out of thin air while the FBI goes "Huh"?

    This is why I keep telling you guys to never, ever trust statistics. Now they know we aint gonna believe this horse manure but their base will and they won't even ask questions.

    The problem with stop and frisk is when we were doing it there was just to much emphasis on "numbers Policing" and statistics. People stop being human beings and they start being slice on a computer pie chart. A Tac team under heat to come up with numbers is simply going to stop every m/01/16yo to 24yo they can hoping to catch drugs or a gun on him so they can be done for the evening.

    There was much less emphasis on quality pinches and investigations and to much emphasis on chicken crap numbers. According to the Constitution you do actually need a reason to stop someone and not every black kid is a criminal. You can stretch it by stopping known gangsters, or known drug corners, and we knew them all, but you just cant stop anyone for anything.

    But the Boss's wanted the numbers.

    BTW LiL Mikey reduced crime far more by simply making NYNY property to expensive and trendy for low income people to even live there, except like maybe a few 'hoods like The Bronx. He "gentrified" crime out of his city.

    As well, NYPD had a lot of awfully good coppers. I used to hunt with some and they had their heads and rumps wired together. They knew the job.
  6. It's absolutely the right thing to do if you want to really stop the crime and killing, but it's the wrong thing to do if you want to get the democrat nomination for office.

    And what a really, really lame apology he has made on it too. I have to agree with Pocahontas on that. But the democrats will let him have a pass on it because they know they don't have a chance to beat Trump unless it is him. And now I'm not sure that even he has a chance.