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I'm on my fifth tour in the Norfolk area - it's like any other city: a fine place, as long as you're smart and stay out of the wrong areas. Unfortunately, young Sailors seem to do anything they can to get away from the free living space on the ship and move out in town. That usually involves several of them chipping in their pennies to get an apartment in one of those areas they shouldn't be visiting. If your daughter starts talking about moving out into town, make sure you ask lots of questions.

As far as the general area, there's plenty to do. The ocean front is only 20 minutes away, and there's quick access to the Metro DC area, NC Outer Banks, etc.

As far as being "safe" in dry dock -- there's nothing inherently more dangerous about being at sea or deployed than there is being in the shipyard. In fact, in some ways it's safer to be at sea. As a CT, your daughter isn't in a rate that carries great risk just because of what they do -- like those guys who work the flight deck on an aircraft carrier. You shouldn't worry about her - whether she's in Norfolk or in the Persian Gulf. Statistically speaking, she's probably safer in the Navy then she was back home with you.

By the way, thanks for letting us "borrow" her for a few years. I can promise you that we take that responsibility very seriously and we'll take care of her for you!

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