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Statesville Attendees

  1. I have been mentored in several areas but am beginning to think that there is an important element that I am missing in rebuilding and re-evaluating my pursuit of this hobby we call GSSF...in reviewing the Tips from the pro's and all the posts I have ommitted to ask the most important question, what brand of aiming fluid is one using, the quantity consumed, and what ratio to body weight is acceptable. I am planning to attend Hallsville and after a very poor performance at Indy...with mind and equipment issues; and at St.Paul (at least I finished last in A class),I am really concerned that aimming fluid may have been absent from my regiment....I would appreciate your professional opinion and would hope that results in Hallsville will be improved with this absent element....I have 6 weeks to get in shape so time is of the essence.I thank-you in advance and hope to see many of you at Lexington ;c
  2. Hey FESTUS;
    A very good question. I prefer Miller Lite so that I may keep my slim and trim sculptured body. As for quantity; there are many Load Manuals out there so it becomes more of a personal preference. A ratio of 2 to 1 is a good start unless Fire Glock forgets to wear his hat then a ratio of 4 to 1 is advised. Mike Finch probably has the best load data based on his performance at Dallas.

    Hope this info is of some help. Good Luck at Hallsville and I will see you at Lexington.;c ;c ;c ;c ;c
    If you go for the "Hi-Test" type of aiming fluid, I perfer Gentalmen Jack!!;) Ratio to be determind by the ability to overcome!!!;Q
  4. red vino, but do not over fill!!!!!!;g
  5. Well Festus since you asked. For Friday night training I use 2 Beck's Dark whenever available. If Beck's isn't avaiable then Corona Extra or Black and Tan will work. Remember, Friday night = 2. Of course Saturday night will allow a more flexible approach as it is the wind down phase of the operation. I personally rarely exceed 3, but then again I get sleepy after a couple. :) Don't let Don at PC fool you, he's just jealous because I have the nicest head there. Mine can be shaved and look good, I don't have to cover it with a nasty bunch of hair! ;f
  6. I've always found success in Guinness myself -- it lowers one's center of gravity, thereby providing a more stable platform from which to shoot. Unfortunately, it also contributes to my already blurry vision which makes lining up the rear sight with the fuzzy white blob on the end of the gun and the large brown or white masses downrange rather challenging...
  7. Friday night:

    Two cold Heinies with a nice steak. The coach is in bed by 10.

    Saturday night: Start with the Heinie's at 6. Continue until exhausted.

    Sunday morning: wake up when no longer exhausted. Jump start the heart with hot coffee. Act innocent and admit to nothing.
  8. I can't afford what FireGlock drinks but here's my 'aiming fluid' regiment:

    Every night while waiting for the next GSSF match... one, two or three Budweisers (bottled) depending if I need to type my posts clearly or not. The night before we get on the road, it's THREE Labatt's Blue as a prelude to 'stepping up' the quality of consumption. The night before the match is very important... Killian's Red or any other fine, high-echelon brand of suds would be good along with STEAK and some humongous laughter with friends and traveling shooters. "Aiming fluid" without the laughter is not very good... your mind gets sullen and you shoot bad... you must LAUGH heartily and fully like Santa.

  9. A few beers with the gang at Friday nights soiree, and some more on Saturday night, and sometimes, maybe a few shots with the ladies.;c ;c ;c (quantity depends who is driving home the next day)

    Here I go again!!!
  10. FG and DannyR have the right idea for Friday night. If you want to shoot well on Sat., pay attention to them.

    Quantity also depends on who is buying, doesn't it?;f ;)
  11. There will be a 10:00pm curfew Friday night for members of Team Sidearmor.;e
  12. Okay coach; you got it. We are looking for a clean sweep this match. ;c ;c ;c
  13. Come on coach.I cant drink my fri. night 6'er of Becks or Heine
    befor 10pm.Cant i stay up till at least 11:30 PLEASE..;Q ;Q ;Q
    Then Sat.night i wont have to many shots of ice cold Crown Royal.
    ;f ;f ;f
    ;f +;c =;g
  14. Yes Coach, but you have to promise to tuck us in!!;Q ;) ;g ;f
  15. FireGlock's evil twin has agreed to perform the bed check.;P
  16. That can be arranged! ;f
  17. The Dallas recipe was no more than 2 Budweisers and one ribeye with Team Sidearmor. Go to bed and relax. If you are shooting San Antonio, the recipe is the brew sampler from the Fredericksburg Brewery along with the German food sampler and rest.

    A few key things to remember:

    * Moderation and clean living (at least the night before the match)

    * Prefer a few high quality over multiple low quality.

    * Like GSSF practice, aiming fluid practice is OK. Never the two at the same time.

    * At the end of a practice session try some really challenging shots...such as accuracy at longer than normal distances. Shoot good...have some aiming fluid when you get home. Shot bad...too bad.

    Mike;c ;c :)
  18. Thanks to all Mentors,I see one common denominator which is fellowship and an appreciation of one's company,I wish you all good luck for the remainder of the year and great success in Life.;f