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Good evening Mas

A part time LE like you here.

Previously 5 or more State police agencies issued 45 GAP pistols.

Many of these have migrated to new guns.
Do you now which agencies went to which pistols, and the duty rounds?

Do any major agencies still issue 45 GAP? I sold mine.

Happy Memorial Day.

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To the best of my knowledge the five state police agencies which adopted the Glock 37 in .45 GAP were Florida Highway Patrol, Georgia State Patrol, New York State Police, Pennsylvania State Police, and South Carolina Highway Patrol. All, IIRC, went with Gold Dot 200 grain.

Pennsylania has since switched to .45 ACP and Georgia, to 9mm. Florida still has the G37 .45 GAP.

I have calls in to find out about NYSP and NCHP, and will report here when I get an update.

Stay tuned,
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