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State of emergencies and CCW, am I reading wrong?

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As many of you know, in NC the carrying of firearms are forbidden during riots, and in areas where a State of Emergency has been declared.

This past summer the drought caused many regions to declare such, so if someone CCW's in said areas, are they breaking the law???

So in a Katrina type scenario, I guess North Carolinians are sol?

Please tell me I"m reading this incorrectly...
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This a law that should be tested in court. In fact, if the NRA were on their game, they would have already put up a challenge. This the time you need your firearm most!
Laws like it have been, and unfortunately have held. How far did they go? Dunno, but it doesn't make much difference when you need it and don't have it.
Hopefully attitudes will change, but so far, they seem to be heading further left in most places.
Tim hit on a problem. People in California, and New England are infiltrating more tolerant areas and voting the same way they did to screw up the places the fled. I meet plenty of people from these places that think they are conservative, but they just think that. They prove to be snot slinging liberal almost every time.
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