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State fair carry?

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I was wondering if any in knows if a state fair or any fair in general in Georgia is off limits for cc. I tried looking at some state specific forums and was unable to find anything. So any info would be appreciated.
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Well i went and there was a sign that said no firearms per 16-11-127 of Georgia law.
An article from states the Perry mayor saying its illegal. Do a Google search for "concealed carry Georgia national fair" we are going today and I hate not being able to legally carry around so many unknown people.

In the article it says it is an approved authority og georgia would that put it under a government building in the law 16-11-127
Nevermind answered my own question. (4) 'Government entity' means an office, agency, authority, department, commission, board, body, division, instrumentality, or institution of the state or any county, municipal corporation, consolidated government, or local board of education within this state.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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