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State by state WalMart facts.

  1. Taxes collected : M$738

    Taxes paid : M$112.5


    I don’t see any wisdom in publishing those numbers.

  2. Why does link end with =false? It just says how many? The point?
  3. There is a drop down box where you can select the United States and then each state.
  4. They need to add a category titled "Weird thing seen in Wal Marts in this state"
  5. My guess is the translation is they paid 112 million on the profits they made, and the 738 million is what they collected and sent in.
  6. Well, that's certainly better than collecting M$738 in sales taxes and only sending in M$112.5.

    That might explain their big profits though.

  7. The point being made is that all retailers - not just Walmart - act as collection agents for jurisdictions which levy “sales tax”. In the quoted example that amount apparently was $738 million.

    Taxes paid is probably real estate aka property tax.

    Taxes not mentioned include payroll taxes, franchise and excise taxes, federal and state and possibly local income taxes. They also act as collection agent for taxes withheld from pay checks.

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  8. Well, that certainly sounds like a reasonable explanation. Would not be the first time someone shorted the state on sales taxes.

    I tend to be cynical in all things though.

    I have pretty low expectations of my fellow man. I am not surprised often.
  9. Anyone know how much revenue from tax dollars Walmart bring in from SNAP EBT and WIC?

    Asking for a friend.
  10. Walmart destroyed small business.
  11. Walmart :crying:
  12. Walmart started....Amazon is finishing it up
  13. Walmart started as a small business

    I guess their fellow small businesses could not adapt as well as Walmart did.

    If Walmart did not exist we would still be buying the same Chinese imports, we would just be paying a lot more for them.
  14. I wonder how many manufacturing jobs went overseas due to Walmart's aggressive policy of driving down prices from the manufacturer.

  15. Case in point: A 44-year-old grocery store in North Carolina saw a 30% sales drop immediately when a nearby Walmart opened a couple of years ago, according to a Bloomberg News story. Whenever the mom-and-pop supermarket cut prices, the Walmart would match or undercut them. The store finally succumbed to the inevitable last October, closing up entirely.

    This is a common enough tragedy in rural America. But what happens when the Walmart itself closes? Until recently, this wasn’t much of a concern, as Walmart store closures have been rare. But last week, the company announced plans to close over 269 stores, including over 100 small “Express” stores that primarily served rural small towns.

    What’ll happen now is that many of these towns will be left without a grocery store or pharmacy, frustrating residents with inconvenience and lower property values. For some towns, which often skew elderly, the nearest option for essentials may soon be 50 or so miles away.


    Walmart SUCKS
  16. Walmart started as a mom-and-pop store. A lot of other mom-and-pops would have survived if their proprietors had some vision and ambition. Old Elmer and Bessie Mae see bigger stores coming in, but dig their heels in and want to stay with the old ways of selling a full product line at full retail proces to a neighborhood customer base. Across town Sam the small store owner sees the same thing, but jumps at the chance to get into a vacant site in another part of the city and expand to a second store.

    Elmer is still satisified with just that one little store, but when Sam opens a third store (which Elmer had the chance to buy, but he didn’t want to work the extra hours or have to leave his side of town), he started seeing sales drop a bit.

    Safeway added a gas station to their store a mile down the street, but Elmer said it looked like too much hassle, plus he didn’t want to fill in part of his increasingly empty parking lot.

    When Joe retired and closed his sporting goods store on Third Street, he offered it to Elmer. Get a foot in downtown and with the way things are growing around here, you’ll be set. Elmer couldn’t see trying to run a store in a bustling urban center, plus he didn’t know much about sporting goods and outdoor living products.

    He could have jumped on the organic bandwagon, as several produce salesmen had offered attractive prices with promises of profits, but he was loyal to the local produce wholesaler that his family had done business with for 40 years. When Whole Foods opened, his produce sales dropped by enough that he had to rearrange part of the store to try and hide the fact that his shelves had fully 20% of them bare.

    Sometime after he closed down and shuttered the store for good, Elmer happened to meet Sam, who now owned grocery and department stores in a dozen cities across the state. Sam remarked that his original store had been struggling, and he was afraid that he’d go under when he heard that Elmer was rumored to be buying a second location to grow his business. Sam said that he took a big chance with a second mortgage to buy that lot and develop it, because Elmer could have cornered the business.

    The Elmers of the world do it to themselves. Walmart, Microsoft, Apple, Boeing, Ford, all of those mega corporations started with one or two guys in the most humble of beginnings. They made a choice to grow amd succeed. The Elmers of the world have the same opportunity as anyone else. Why feel sorry for them because they lacked ambition?
  17. See the post above you that you ignored. Yeah every mom and pop should have become a walmart or they are a failure.

    Just like monsato is a good guy, Killing mom and pop farms which sold to mom and pop stores which sold all natural foods and meats.

    Must buy chemical injected meats and fruits and veggies and processed boxes of sugar at lowest price. Must support walmart.

    Must buy cheap china **** made by slave labor that destroys the environment but hey its not my backyard and it may break in 6 months but I got it cheap. Closing down US manufacturing who used to make stuff that lasted. Yeah it costs more but buy once cry once.

    Now it's OMG amazon gets it to me in a day. I dont even have to get off my couch and miss my streaming shows.

    Lots of globalists here. Sad. I blame the public school system indoctrination.
  18. The 2 small businesses at my house are doing just fine. And 1 of them actually competes with Walmart.
  19. globalist/You are not walmart. You are a failure. /globalist
  20. Attn globalists Two charts that represent walmart, amazon, and globalism

    You wonder why the US is where it is right now? Here you go. Regan, Bush Scum, and Clinton Scum. That's all I have left to say. Keep defending the walmarts and other globalist scum. China has been owning us thanks to companies like that for decades. Why anyone supports them is beyond me.

  21. It is the customers fault - they choose lower prices - WM had lower prices -

    It really is that simple
  22. OK, thanks for letting me know.
  23. Sounds like someone is bitter they can't find a replacement wheel for their horse carriage except on Amazon.