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Started under and by the Obama admin, the Critical Race Theory training is a very lucrative scam

  1. Race baiting socialists unleashing their inner capitalism: Marxist snake oil salesman Ibram X. Kendi bills Fairfax County Public Schools $20,000 for a 45 minute presentation (with 15 minutes of Q&A).

    Critical Race Theory which should be in fact called Racial Hate Brainwashing is an incredibly lucrative industry. Take a look:


    When Democrats and their Teachers Unions puppets are telling you schools are under-funded, children are starving in school cafeterias and teachers deserve better pay, know they are lying.

    If a school district in VA could afford to pay a snake oil salesman $20K an hour to spout his racist, Marxist psycho-babble over a Zoom meeting, chances are they have more money in their hands than they know what to do with.
  2. Congress and teachers two of the most over paid part time jobs going.
  3. Racial Hate Brainwashing -- good one!

  4. I think that teachers deserve be better paid for the jobs that they have to do. You disagree? Okay. But I think that it is a matter of opinion not necessarily a lie/truth.
  5. Whoever approved this should have their salary cut by $20,000.
  6. The guy that was paid for those speaches is Ibram X. Kendi. He came under fire and was labeled a “racist” on Saturday for equating Amy Coney Barrett to “White colonizers” because she has two Black adopted children from Haiti. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

    He is a tenured Boston University professor. He has a multiple multiple books on race that have sold very well. He is obviously a racist.
    bu prof.jpg

    His tweet after Barrett was announced for the court.
    BU prof.png

    Some replies to his tweet. People are demanding his resignation from BU.
    BU prof reply.png
  7. Teaching in public schools is one of the few part time jobs in America that is paid full time wages.
  8. I taught for 27 years, man, I wish that were true. The truth is there is a lot of money thrown at schools, but it is generally intercepted by admin types who spend it on pet programs, or sending themselves to out-of-town conventions where they network and set up their next admin job. For most of my school years, I had to pay out of my own pocket so my kids could do science labs.
  9. Who's fault is that?
    Who allowed the corrupt teachers unions and schools administrators to abandon the noble goal of doing their best for the education and welfare of children, and instead becoming a Mafia who's only purpose is making bank for themselves and the Democratic Party?

    I am a parent of a former student in the LAUSD system and I had Romanian family of former acquaintances who are to this day professors and school administrators.
    The stories I heard from them combined with the bad experiences I had to go through when my son was in school...I am not a fan of the American public school system to say the least.

  10. Looks and sounds like some "vibrant and intense" Marxist street pimp. I hear Cuba is looking for people like him.
  11. Any objective analysis of that fool's tweet leads to the conclusion that he, himself, is racist. Yet he is championed by The Left as anti-racist.

    I am often reminded of the Superman comic books in which existed an alternate world to earth called Bizarro World. In it, everything was exactly backwards from the way it was on earth.

    The Left is existing in Bizarro World.