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9 Month old Started German Shorthair Pointer Dog.
Whelped 08/23/05

Official Name "Canterbury's Lil' Jelly Belly"
Goes by JB or Jelly Bean. Mostly White with Liver head, liver saddle and liver ticking.

He is a started dog, will need some training towards the end of the summer to get him finished and primed for this up coming season. Most trainers would take 2 months or so to finish him up. We have another GSP and cannot afford 1300 a month to train both dogs. I hate to see him go, but figure someone would want an intact dog before a fixed *****.

He has been shot over probably 120+ birds. Steady pointer.
He MUST go to a hunting family. He is great with children and other dogs. I would prefer to sell local or you come and pick him up, flying out of phoenix this time of year is very rough on a dog, but it could be done. You would be responsible for expenses of the vet certification and air line fees.

If you are interested please email me scott.smith at
We can discuss prices, and I can let you speak to the trainer I was going to use for him as well as the breeder and vet as well if you would like.

Pictures from today pointing in the backyard.

At 3 months

At 4-5 months
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