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Start Buying Ammo NOW!!!

  1. Elizabeth Warren is calling for a 50% tax on ammo. Will this happen? Probably not.....but what if the dems win the election and the Senate next year? It's safe to say you can kiss your gun rights goodbye!


    I am NOT being a fear monger, alarmist or conspiracy theorist, just issuing a friendly reminder that you better be buying ammo now because next year it will be in high demand, and that means short supply.

    **** UPDATE ****
  2. You post a fear mongering, alarmist thread to "BUY AMMO NOW!"... yet claim you are not a fear mongering, alarmist?

    Ha! Good one!
  3. And this is how the last panic staeted back in 2014....people posting panicky threads on the Internet.
  4. That's good to know.
  5. Chris Rock said it years ago: don't need gun control.....need bullet control. $5,000 a bullet. No more innocent bystanders and if someone got shot, they must have deserved it. (was funny as hell at the time)

    Didn't post skit because of language but it is on YouTube if you need a laugh
  6. Please.......no.
  7. Yup....those crazy idjits are really gonna have to save up some money before they go on a shooting spree....that'll really make them think twice. But at least the gubermint will get a few bucks from the deal.
  8. I have to say he will probably be right....
  9. tenor.gif
  10. Sky falling! Alert Toilet Squirrel!
  11. I have ammo for guns I sold when Reagan was in the White House.
  12. The ammo tax scheme is not new. I see it d.o.a.

  13. One should treat ammo buying like retirement saving. Invest X amount each month or quarter. When the price is down, you are buying more. When the price is up, you buy less. "Dollar cost averaging" works as well with guns and ammo as it does with an index fund.

    You should never not be saving for retirement, and never not be buying ammo. In each instance, trying to time the market usually leads to failure.

  14. Probability that she wins the nomination AND the election:
    29% X 15% = 4.35%


    Edit: Correction, these are dependent events so the probabilities can't be multiplied.
  15. that was a funny one , saw it years ago.
  16. Sooooo, you're not an alarmist?????
    I buy every month but, then again I shoot 4 x's minimum of 500 rounds a month too...ugh, it's a vicious cycle. Buy, Shoot, Buy, Shoot.....I'll never catch up
  17. Yet another example of how ******** love their regressive taxes proving they don't really care about the lower and middle classes, nor do they care about actually solving problems.

    You could tax ammo 10000% and it wouldn't have stopped a single mass shooting.
  18. The dems aren't going to win anything next year, matter of fact they'll lose seats. Watch and see.
  19. Trust me, I don't want to be right, but I think we all know what's coming.

    This time next summer, when 22LR bricks are selling for $80-$100 each, I'm going to bump this thread.

    Stay tuned.
  20. Oh, give it a rest, Chicken Little. The sky is just fine.

    The last time we had a "bank run" on the arms and ammo industry was in '07 and '08 when Obama was gaining the lead in the presidential race.
    Remember how that worked out for us? Shortages of guns, powder, bullets, supply chains completely empty of primers, dog eat dog behavior over the few who had the commodities, price gouging ...
    And nothing significantly changed in the gun industry during the Obama years. It has taken YEARS for our industry to recover from that- some aspects are still in recovery mode.

    No, we don't need to start that alarmist fear mongering again.
  21. Well you did a good job of imitating one. You almost fooled me.
  23. I’ve purchased powder and primers over the years and with my 13 5gallon buckets of wheel weights and lead i could care less what that dumb ***** thinks she can tax. There are alot of us that ain’t worried about another run on ammo cause we make our own.
  24. Do you have any idea how many threads there were on here then about guys wishing they had bought ammo when prices were affordable?

    You go ahead and lay low, those that don't want to get caught with their pants down this time will hopefully heed my advice.
  25. I only have 6-rounds of ammo.

    As far as anybody knows....
  26. who is going to stop her?
  27. Threshold of large stockpile is now 8 rounds and 2 dirty utility knives.
  28. HOPE SO
  29. [​IMG]
  30. No, I don't have any idea how many threads there were. Other than right now (I am nursing a cast on my leg from a dirtbike stunt gone wrong for my grandson and his buddies), I am normally on this board about 4-6 hours a year. It was the same on the old server where I was a member for years.
    I'm the guy who is out in the world doing stuff, not sitting at a computer inciting panic.
    It was Internet Hysteria that started and fed that rout of the market- everything you are doing is a rerun of that episode. It was panic mongers who started the buying frenzy then- you are just repeating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  31. Yup...Old Fausahontas will tax ammo...that's because she uses arrows.
  32. Um, she doesn't need to win to start a run on ammo. Haven't you people learned anything in the last 10 years?

    Just sayin.

  33. If you are re actively buying ammo because of election cycles, then you are the one that needs to learn. :animlol:
  34. Oh, please!

    Elizabeth Warren does nothing more than piss in her Massachusetts pants. It makes her constituents feel warm and cozy, but nobody else notices.

    Besides, even Mitt Romney rolls his eyes when she opens her mouth!
  35. True. People post panic messages on the internets, and voila!
  36. LOL good one
  37. "you people"?

    You are attempting to incite panic, plain and simple. Chicken Little comes to mind.

    There is no panic for people who maintain a stock of ammo that they are comfortable with. For example, I have been buying ammo since I was 16... that would be 1971.
    If some people only buy when prices go up due to panic and then whine about prices, then I have very little sympathy.

    Panic threads using capital letters, shrilly proclaiming "BUY AMMO NOW!" are foolish.
  38. Amen, brother!

    I'm buying you a beer for that response!
  39. [​IMG]
    If Liawatha wins, it will no longer matter
  40. It was like this back with the Reagan assassination attempt. And still, it hasn't happened.
    I do have a ton of ammo, either way. When it's on sale, I stock up.
  41. FTW :highfive:
  42. That's true, I'm down to only a few thousand rounds worth of powder and primer for my favorite calibers.

    I could stand to buy another can and a few K primers, been loading a lot lately.
  43. No, start buying ammo AFTER THE LAST AMMO SHORTAGE, knowing that something would trigger panic buying again.
    It was a no-brainer for me....
  44. The day after the Ohio shootings I was in my local walmart to buy a spyderco tenacious they had on sale for $35.00 to put in my tackle box.There was a few boxes of 40 cal and 2 boxes of 45.The woman at the counter told me they were cleaned out of 22,38 and 9mm and hour after the news aired.
  45. It's a whole different ballgame now.

    There were 3.5 million illegal votes cast during the 2016 election. Just imagine how many illegal votes there will be next year for the Democrats.

    Seriously, you people need to wake up, it's a brand new world and it's not in our favor.
  46. Start buying in 2022/23, panic in 2024.

    The pattern is clear.
  47. putting aside less than meaningless op, i also wouldn't get too complacent with your lil' seasons chart there based upon what americans have seen transpire in past few years...
  48. Do you think anybody will point out that her gun control plan is based on disarming the poor? Think anybody will call that racist?
  49. The sky is falllllllling!
  50. I by ammo sort of like I invest. A little bit regularly depending upon what I am shooting up at the time. So, I never really let the supply get depleted; rather it just keeps slowly growing.