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Starbucks Store Manager Average Salary $45k + bene's!

  1. http://www.ehow.com/about_7486618_average-salary-starbucks-store-manager.html

    Not bad for a crummy retail store manager position. A few years back my wife worked for Starbucks and they promoted her to manager in 4 months. Its not that hard... Just give a damn about your work and your customers and show up when you are scheduled.

    Of course you have to work your way up into the position and everyone thinks they should start as a CEO these days... But grunt it out for a year or so and you'll get promoted.

    One of my best friends from HS works for Walmart and has done so for close to 30 years. He's a store manager in a :big supercenter and makes decent coin for a guy without a college education. Of course he started out part time too. But within a short time he was a department manager, assistant store manager etc... He's done OK for himself and his family. I know...that's not possible at Walmart. :upeyes:
  2. That's not bad at all.
  3. I don't envy the managers one red cent of their pay. Think of the hassles they go through on a daily basis dealing with the ever shifting staff, workers not coming in on time, the cranky customers, late deliveries and the always demanding corporate head-quarters folks....:wow:

    It may seem like only a cup of coffee, but I sure wouldn't want the job.

    By the way....I've never been in a Starbucks.....I'm a Tim Hortons or Dunkin' Donuts type of guy..:supergrin:
  4. These jobs will make you money, reading over 30 years ago. McDonald's managers were making enough money to join golf country clubs.

    No shame in any job if makes you money.:wavey:
  5. I have met a few folks who did well enough in retail and the like just by having work ethic. They were quickly moved through the ranks of management and were doing as well as many folks with 4-year degrees and office jobs. I had a friend in high school who started as a theater usher and was managing his own theater within 2 years.

    On the other end of the spectrum, there are far more examples of folks of don't "make it" because they feel that they are too good for the work, or just don't care.
  6. The walmart folks make really good money. Assistant Manager at $60k plus bonuses and Store Managers at $100k plus bonuses. Those are what my local Walmart makes and this is in the middle of no-where NC. It's bound to be the low end.
  7. Starbucks has been known to take care of their employees for what they do in terms of pay and benes. The only one that I heard of that is better is Costco. They are two of three places I might look for work when I retire. Depending on if the wife wants to get her PhD or not.

    A lot of the people I know in corporate, non franchise, businesses can do well if they work hard and are willing to move.

    Twenty years ago when I was in college I worked for Sears. I was considered one of their better employees because I worked hard and did what I was told. I knew tis because even though at part time I ended up with more hours than some of the full time people that were loads. I knew it wasn't anything I wanted to do for a living because I could see me having to work for years at the low end just to get promoted unless I wanted to move wherever the company wanted me too. That and it sucked working indoors all day.
  8. Your the manager plus babysitter for 16-25 yr olds with tons of drama. Large retail managers and fast food manager can make much more then that 45k.

    Local grocery chains here pay a manager 100k+ with bonuses .
  9. Its not an easy job. I know a couple of people who are restaurant managers and both work 60-70 hours a week. They get crappy split schedules because they are expected to order, inventory and receive shipments in the morning along with being there to oversee the operation in the busy times which are evenings and every weekend. The manager at my local Starbucks is there 95% of the time when I am so I can only assume it is similar. They earn their check.
  10. Divide that $45k by hours worked, it's not that much. I suspect 10 hour days are the norm, and 12 hour days aren't uncommon.

    I used to talk to a lady who worked there, and I guess when she saw the logo on my shirt, she felt the need to tell me her resume. She had a very accomplished background, but got tired of the rat race, and decided to work at Starbucks until retirement. She said the benefit package was exceptional.
  11. One of my employees father was a manager at a Super Walmart in Albuquerque. He was making over $225,000 a year. He quit to manage a Lowes for more money. I got this from his son.
    That was ten years ago.

  12. Yeah...its work. Which is why a lot of people won't do it and make $8 an hour.
  13. That $45k isn't a lot more than $8 an hour after you figure how many hours they put in the job in a year.

    I always tip the manager of the store I frequent a little more because of that.

  14. that's obvious!
  15. My wife started in the country club business 20 years ago with no degree and manages a large club in town. I have two degrees from A&M and she makes close to double my salary.
  16. I second the above comments about just gutting it out and actually showing up. I'm AMAZED working in a medical field how many people I see call in sick WEEKLY. I've seen a meth addict from a half-way house become an assistant manager in 6 months at a large Sears simple because he busted it EVERY DAY (I was working with the guy in receiving, and one day he shows up in a new Volvo and is an assistant manager...he still helped us unload trucks though!)
  17. That is like $10 an hour....
  18. I knew a girl in high school (not really a girl anymore) that worked at K Mart. She worked her way to the jewelry counter, which she really liked.

    I saw her a few years ago and now she is a jewelry buyer for K Mart nationally . She's probably making very good money and she likes the perks from being a jewelry buyer (free samples, world travel).
  19. You can make more in management at Los Pollos..
  20. Makes more than I do as a firefighter/paramedic. Haha. Should've stuck with my winter break job stocking shelves at WM I guess :-D.
  21. I'm surprised but retail managers everywhere get bonuses based on sales and shrinkage.
  22. $45k a year really isn't that much when you realize how many hours they put in, how much work they have to do, and how much stress they have to go through. I bet they make close to minimum wage for the amount of hours they put in. I'd rather have a cushy 9-5 office job at $35k a year than a management job at $45k a year.
  23. I make $45k a year plus benefits as a department manager at Whole Foods.

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  24. 1. I wish these sort of reports would stop pushing the AVERAGE, and report the median.

    2. It's $45k. It's not that much...
  25. The mean and the median are mathematically equivalent as long as the distribution is symmetrical. Typically, the spread in salaries within a single corporation within a single country isn't going to have enough skewness to matter.
    The point isn't that it's "not that much." It's more that it's a job which requires zero qualifications except for a willingness to work hard and start from the bottom. You don't need a college degree. You don't need a lot of physical strength. You don't need to be hugely intelligent. All you have to do is show up and work hard.
  26. I understand, but it's more of a trust issue :supergrin: I should have added that they should always list both.
  27. 45k a year? Is it really that bad out there?

    I made more than that when I started in IT.
  28. Open carry would prevent this.
  29. The retail manager money anywhere you work sounds good until you put a pencil on it.

    I was in the Grocery biz 20 years ago. Teenager stocking shelves. Everyone coveted the management positions.

    I started looking at the hours they were at the store and the tremendous amount of stress. It caused me to want to get as far away from retail as I could get.

    That guy making 45 k at starbucks. The numbers start dipping and he is out the door.

    I cannot understand how they get the big revenue of their high priced coffee. Nobody I know goes into the place!

  30. $45k a year is the salary for a 0-2 in the military with 2 years service. That's with a college degree and quite a bit more responsibility and time commitment. Not to mention the whole get deployed for a year and get shot at thingy.
  31. You forgot to mention that in the .mil you get free/allowances for food/housing and medical care is free. Also, there are extra compensations when deployed overseas. That $45k in the military is pretty much pocket money if you do it right.

    ETA: it also only sucks if you're a Marine or Soldier. If you're an Airmen, Sailor, or Coastie, you're life is pretty much pie even if you deploy.

  32. They also get:
    -free healthcare
    -free on-base housing with no utility bills or heavily subsidised off-base housing
    -monthly food stipend
    -unifirm allowance
    -28 days paid vacation
    -full pension after 20 years
    - ....I could go on!

    So the 45K a two year military 0-2 SM gets is pretty much disposable income.
  33. :agree:

  34. The folks at Starbucks get healthcare and other benefits too. Plus all the coffee you can drink!:tongueout:
  35. the cops patrolling most streets in America dont make that much even after 10 years.
  36. If you asked me to guess thats just about what id have figured id probably have said $47,000..many managerial positions DO actually make that much. Way back when I was in college in the early 90's late 80's mcDonalds managers THEn were making (where I was) in the $30,000 range(low 30's as i recall $32,000 for the local one)

    I worked while in College at Footlocker yes the shoe store they were affiliated with Kinney Shoes(through Woolworth Corporation) Footlocker managers were then(1992) making $60,000 a year for a medium size store(Erie PA at that time) and Kinney Shoes slightly less at $53,000 a year..not bad for the early 1990's...
  37. I'm a Assistant Store Manager at Old Navy....I make more than that with benes.... Retail can pay ok...hours kinda suck.
  38. and they earn every penny of it in the ways mentioned above. Lots of BS with crappy employees and 6 or 7 day work weeks totaling 60-70hrs.
  39. It's hard work. I don't think anyone said or implied otherwise. The only point is that it literally doesn't take any skills to get in the door. You don't need a college degree. You don't need to join a union or get a certificate.

    All you need is your wits and the willingness to work hard. To succeed, you need some luck, sure. But the point is that even those who didn't have some of the chances others did have some opportunity. There's not a lot of places in the world like that.

    That's what being a manager is. You're responsible for your store.
    I go there fairly regularly--depending on the morning, it's worth $1.85 to get an extra 15 minutes of sleep vs. brewing my own coffee.
  40. sounds too much like the American dream doesnt it?
  41. Adam Scott's caddy made $446K last year. HH
  42. That's more than I have ever made in one year. I have five years in law enforcement.

    You must not know a lot of young women.
  43. Yes, but you risk losing half your face in the process. :rofl:
  44. Location has a lot to do with it. I live in So Cal, I see you're in Kansas.

    Plus, I got real lucky and got in on cellular phones when they first started in the early 90's.
  45. Pay is the reason I left Law Enforcement 8 years ago.
  46. That's the free market. Getting a salary the market will bear. Why take all that time away from your family for a relatively small amount, when market forces allow you to sell your skills elsewhere for more. I know people making more than that, working 30 hours a week or less.

    Starbucks management would be good for an uneducated, hard working, low skilled person, which is probably what they have. But for someone with an education or skills, the market dictates better.