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Standby Gun - How similar?

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Many of you are familiar with the concept of having a standby gun that is as close to your EDC as possible in the event that you lose the EDC to an evidence bin after a good shoot. The idea is that in an unfortunate situation where you used your EDC and the police had held it for evidence for a period of time, you have a standby that is very similar that you can just begin to carry until you get the original one back.

For those of you that follow that philosophy, how close do you get your standby gun to your EDC? Is it enough to have a similar trigger feel and holster compatibility, say by having a G27 as a standby for your G23, or are you even more relaxed and consider something like a G19 to be a decent standby for your G23? Or, do you duplicate the EDC completely so that you don't skip a beat should your EDC get used and put on hold?
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At minimum I'd want same controls. Could use XD or Glock interchangeably, but agree with preference for same holster and mags. For me it's G23 for primary carry, grip-chopped police trade G22 for spare and HD. Both have same I-Dot Pro sights and factory innards.
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