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You will lighten the weight in your back pocket and improve your shooting stance.

You stimulate the economy in doing so.

You can post on boards that you have a "stainless steel" guide rod, therefore unique and few dollars poorer.

If its out there, and sounds cool, ya gotta have it.

You really want to "tune your recoil springs to your personal tastes, and reload specs, and you want your extracted cases to all fall within a foot of each other".

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If you read all the hype you must have it and may I ask why. The tiny weight difference can't make that much difference.

Asking for your opinions on this:wavey:
Opinion: Tungsten guide rod will give you 30gr more than the original polymer-one in front of the gun.
Combined with lighter spring it will give you less felt recoil and you'll see actually the difference. Plus, most of the steinless/tungsten guide rods are captured, which will allow you to go back and forward between different springs.
I'm assuming you are not talking about gen4 gun.
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