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SS Nazi Third Reich pocket knife

  1. Possibly called a rally knife, a friend of mine was gifted this knife. I think it is fake, has Hitler's name engraved in the blade. There are fakes all over ebay. No story or history came with it, so he has no way to tell.

    It looks old, solidly made, that is all. Asking if anyone might know anything about these. I am going by pics only and his description.
  2. Trying to figure out how to pull pics and post from phone. Silver in color, art decor ornate.
  3. I have never understood people’s interest in Third Reich memorabilia.
  4. I keep leaning toward more as a fake. The knife is a pocket folder knife with about a 3" blade. IMO, souvenier quality, and just too ornate for the time period. And it was a folder. Germans were into the dagger fixed blades.

    I will forward the link to my friend, he can do any leg work he wants. He posted a link to an auction, someone paid $275 for one.
  5. It is a fascinating period in modern history. I have a wwII German walther. I'm not interested in German knives, or
    swastika china, but I like my gun. It was manufactured by the Nazis, but liberated by a G.I. so what is it then?

    Just an artifact from the time. Objects have no will.

    If you wanted to give me a swastika flag or a nazi helmet I'd have no interest. I wouldn't like looking at it. If you wanted to give me a piece of an aircraft skin with german markings, I'd gladly hang it in my office (if it would fit). Just my opinion, to each their own.
  6. I can’t even bring myself to noodle around the link DocCasualty provided.
  7. I’d guess the reasons run the gamut, from having a piece that was surrendered by an enemy combatant at the end of the greatest armed conflict in human history, to neo-nazi fetishists with dubious motives, to just about anything in between.

    Collecting militaria goes back to the first human conflict when Og hung Zog’s club in his cave after beating him over rights to the local waterhole. While I might find some particular individual’s collecting habits questionable or strange, I would be hard pressed to categorize everybody with a particular interest in a period or side of a conflict as questionable.

    As an aside, the only piece of nazi memorabilia I have is my father’s war trophy I noted above. Other than that some US military rifles, accoutrements, accessories and a few other odds and ends. To each their own.
  8. Try emailing the phone pics to yourself.
    Then download to your computer and post them from there.
  9. I did a little bit, it was what I did not find that leads me to believe that the knife is a fake. That site is about authentic examples of WWI & II knives, mostly daggers of the day. Nothing about folding knives. Then I found a site called www.allaboutpocketknives.com and sure enough located a thread about the item in question.

    These types of knives can be bought on ebay for $10 and they all look the same, dripping with Nazi symbolisms and makings. The thread went on to say that they are fake, the Nazi party never authorized the manufacture of said knives, these were manufactured by the 1000s in the 1960's and sold to unsuspecting GI who were stationed in Germany and they made their way home to the US and then they were either sold or given away or put in the sock drawer only to be found upon the owners death. But the stories associated with them grew legs, "your grandpa took this off a dead kraut officer he had just killed."

    Unfortunately, people get snookered by these every day and the fake daggers are even more convincing in reproductions. Now the reproducers justify doing this by saying these repos are great for the re-enactor crowd so as to not damage the real deal item. Also movie props etc.

    So bottom line is, never was and it is fake. A seller at a gun show or place like that probably has a box of them and puts them out 1 at a time with some German memorabilia and replaces with what was sold.
  10. I collect third reich Wehrmacht memorabilia and agree that it’s not real. German soldiers carried Swiss Army knives ...very similar to the modern “pioneer” or tinker
  11. I am certain your friend has a real treasure. Adolf Hitler undoubtably used that very same knife to peel the skin off ripe apples. It is worth a fortune!
  12. Good people who were suckered by an evil sexual deviant megalomaniac meth amphetamine addict and his crew of demented sexual perverts and/or drug addicts.
  13. A dear friend worked for a while in a collectors shop in the next town. The store sold Nazi memorabilia, day in and day out. This was before the internet. When the store ran low, the owner would go in the backroom and manufacture more memorabilia or order replica flags from the supplier.

    80 years later, your chances of buying a cheap, pristine helmet/sword/knife are worse than putting money in a slot machine and expecting to win the grand prize.