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SR 9 Compact

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Just picked up a new SR 9 compact (black). I love it. I will still keep the Glock 23 as the primary defense gun because of its track record, the fact its 40 and because I shoot it well. I also just installed the new trijicon HD night sights. They are definitely an improvement over the stock sights.

Hmm...what next to buy. Thinking about a Ruger Scout Rifle.

Anyone have any comments about the SR 9 compact? Also anyone know of a good ankle holster for it?
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Love it. i replaced my Glock 23 with it and its been great. Just as reliable,accurate and is thinner and fits my hand much better..I considered it a upgrade.
Can't comment as I haven't tried it. Congrats, have fun with it.
My brother just recently bought a black SR9C it's a nice gun. I've put a few mags down range with it but it's Nothing like my sweetheart (G23). :)
I've shot my SR9C a bunch. Can't say enough good about it. I removed the magazine "safety", I hate the things. It's in the slide, just takes a minute to remove.
I just ordered one of GB for my dad, should be here by the weekend. Looking forward to trying it out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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