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Sprint or T-Mobile?

  1. Who has better and reliable service?
  2. I have no experience with either, but I've heard some issues with sprint service.
  3. I suggest that you look at Clark Howard's web site. He is the personality who makes a living telling people what is cheap to buy. I was there looking at cell phone programs yesterday.

    Look at coverage maps. When a site advertises, it shows coverage. The problem with that is going to be your primary location. I am against a hill in west Los Angeles. Until a tower was put up about 120 feet away, you had to go outside the house for reception. The other problem is people using your tower in your neighborhood. Sometimes, a tower may get overloaded no matter how close it is to you with your phone.
  4. If you go to sensorly.com they use crowd sourced reporting to indicate coverage in areas. I have Sprint cell service and was looking to add a hotspot to my account a few weeks ago and didn't get acceptable service even though sprints maps showed excellent signal in the areas I was going to use it. The data off sensorly coincided with what I experienced first hand.
  5. We were very happy with Sprint for a lot of years. The only real gripe was price. We have AT&T prepaid now, and it has a feature we like and more data for about half the price.
    We always had decent to good reception with Sprint. AT&T not so much, but it woks pretty good on crappy "Bars" of reception, where Sprint required a little better FWIW.