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Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec or Remington 1911 R1

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Hey Guys, tomorrow I am picking up another 1911 pistol but I want it to be basic 1911 because I already have a S.A. 1911 MC Operator. I've narrowed my choices to Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec and Remington 1911 R1. Right now I am currently leaning towards the Springfield because 1) It is a 70 Series. I personally prefer 70 series 1911. 2) The slide, frame and barrel are forged. 3) Customer service from what I have been reading is excellent. but there is something about the Remington 1911 R1 thats been catching my eyes. I think it looks prettier than the Mil-Spec. I like the finish better than Mil-Spec but The 80 series firing pin is kinda what's making me to turn around from it. also, I don't really know anything about Cast frames like the R1 have. I have been reading so many mixed reviews about cast frames. some good but a little bit more on bad.

So.. I would really love to hear from you guys about this two 1911s I've mentioned before I go buy one tomorrow.

Thanks in advance..
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If you go to the GT1911 forum here and do a search on the R1 you'll find most love theirs, with an occasional "needs trigger work" comment being about the worst comment you'll find.

Don't know about Remingtons CS after the fact but I'd suppose it to be ok.

Do a search there and read a bit, maybe, find the pros and cons. You already know Springfield is top notch in terms of customer support and they do have their custom shop as well... does remington have one for handgunsand if so, is it up to SAIs? Dunno, but I'd be asking those questions to them what have bought the R1.

It is a fins looking handgun. I wouldn't let the 80 series firing pin block stop a sale at all, but that's just me. YMMV
I like the R1, but out of the two, I'd go with the Springfield.
If you ever intend to do "work" to it, definitely get the Springer. Better steel. :wavey:
Springfield. No series 80 for me.
Springer FTW!
I vote neither. :dunno:
The only thing I like more about the R1 is the vertical cocking serations. Otherwise the Milspec wins on everything.
So.. I would really love to hear from you guys about this two 1911s I've mentioned before I go buy one tomorrow.

Thanks in advance..

buy the one made in USA
I would normally agree with buying American, but from what I have seen the Mil. Spec. is a better gun. Plus I'm not certain that the R1 is 100% US made of US manufactured parts.

There is an R1 that has been sitting in the case at my LGS for over a year because it is fit poorly; slide to frame is already loose, ejector, slide and frame are not flush.

I wasn't a huge fan of Springfields but the Mil Spec I bought is fit tight, has a better looking finish, and was about the same price as the R1.

Edit: If my Mil. Spec was not a NM serial # I would not have got it, I don't like frames marked Brazil, Philippines, etc.
A foreign forged series 70 type Springfield, or an American made cast series 80 type Remington?

I have no problem with a cast lower, but the series 80 type junk is a killer for me.
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