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Spring Fever?

  1. We've had a couple days of above freezing temps, and although there's still 3 feet of snow on the ground (in places} I've starting to get spring fever.

    Bought a new putter and pair of golf shoes today.

    Gonna clean out the tackle boxes and put new line on the fishing reels this week. Order a new fish finder for the boat although we're still a month away from any open water.

    Anybody else ready for spring and taking care of the preparations way before needed?

    And Oh Yeah....up to another foot of snow in the forecast for Wednesday...gotta' love this "Global Warming" deal....:supergrin:
  2. I had it bad last week....
    3 new fly-rods and 2 new reels later ... I feel somewhat better.

    Eating Ramen noodles and peanut butter sammiches for awhile though.

  3. :rofl: Only two reels?? Seems you need another one!

    I built 6 rods this winter and gave 4 away. Can't expect people to pay for the way I can turn a good blank into a real "Ugly Stick"!!:supergrin:

    It's been a long one, and no real end in sight up here.
  4. Which comes first spring or mud season?

  5. Cool !
    What did you build ?
  6. I have it real bad.

    Already planning a photo trip that I can't take for a few months due to mud. I get sick of winter by this time of year. It is not even real winter anymore, just rainy and gloomy.

    I need sun and warmth.
  7. I went to the range today. I need to get my fishing license to. It was 65 degrees today
  8. We hit the mid 60's today, and the Robins have returned. Haven't heard any Spring Peepers in the evening yet, when they start chirping, warm weather is close.
  9. What's this spring you speak of? I had the BBQ going yesterday while the kids were swimming in the pool, it's summertime. :grill:
  10. Warmed up here today. Tomorrow evening it is supposed to rain and then we're expecting 2-5" of fresh snow for Wednesday with much colder temps. Yippee!
  11. It was 78 degrees in Okc today. I was so happy just to be outside I washed all 3 cars. Now I'm spent!
  12. I've been taking my KLR to work the past three days!

    I love riding the bike everywhere, the winter when I can't ride really sucks.

    I bought my fishing license last week, tomorrow I'm riding my motorcycle t Cabelas in Hamburg and I'm gonna buy new spring work boots and some fishing tackle.

    Trout opens in a few more weeks.

    I work outside in the cold and I absolutely freaking hate the winter.
  13. I was out at the pool all day enjoying the 80+ weather getting work done from my laptop and getting some good sun. What's snow? That stuff that comes in cones right?
  14. As much as I hate shoveling snow all winter, I'll take it over being packed in like sardines like those in So Cal, etc. To hell with reaching out a window, and slapping your next door neighbor.
  15. I went biking with the dog today ... but I'm dead tired from springing forward ... off to bed I go.

  16. I went fishing at the dam on Sunday.

    No way in hell there were any fish. Didn't matter. I just needed to wet a line. Still a bunch of ice on the lake. It'll be gone by this time next week, I suspect. Gonna rain a ton tomorrow and be warm enough across the next week or so. Whew!

    I need to get the boat in the water. Sadly, I can't get my "sticker" until April 1 anyhow. So it don't matter much.

    But, yeah, I'm done with winter. Very done.
  17. I got it bad this year. Last week I bought a 16-foot tracker grizzly, 9.9 merc, 70# trolling motor and lowrance e5Hdi. Now I have to carpet it and install everything.

    The 9.9is on sale until the 16th for $$500 off - $1740.
  18. 47 deg. yesterday, 45 deg. today, tonight 4" to 8" in the 20's and blowing winds.:wow:
  19. High in the upper 70s here. Lows in the low 50s. I like this kind of weather.
  20. 18" to 24" of snow coming my way tomorrow and Thursday.
    Woke up to 2" of snow this morning.

    Mother Nature still screwing with us northern New England folk :faint:
  21. I've got a 14. Needless to say, that sucker is gonna go SLLLOOOOOOWWWWW. (Also have a 9.9.) Keeping it balanced and the weight down is key. Even then, you are talking a cruising speed measured in feet-per-hour. LOL

    Console or rear-steer? I was considering console when I realized it was overkill with the 9.9 on there. And the added weight and reduced storage area. . .
  22. I'm getting ready for Spring. This Saturday is the St. Paddy's Day Parade in the 'Burgh and the weatherman is predicting snow mid-week. I remember marching in the Blizzard of '93. I hope we don't get a repeat of that. tom. :kilt:
  23. We be getting rain. Of course, I don't live north-of-nowhere. More a-holes, less snow. LOL