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Late, Late, Late spring cleaning. Have several items for sale and offering here before fleabay. Willing to ship anything but the neon sign. Also, to save you $ on shipping I travel to all the surrounding states of Texas.

SOLD-GameBoy Advance Kit-SOLD IT!!! Sold
It's Gone!

SOldCLC Tool Backpack/Contractors Tool kit/Bug-Out Bag?-SOld

Neon Makita Sign for Shop or Garage-$125
Just what the ad says. Look at the pics. These are very rare and no longer produced. Will trade for gun-type items. Ammo in 9, 40, .223, and 7.62x39 or x54r. Mags: AR, AK, 22/23, and BC 10/22 hot lips.

Please PM or for faster response email to [email protected]
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