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Sportsman's Guide

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by Devorzhum, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Devorzhum

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    Jun 13, 2003
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    Hello, Folks,

    I've done business with the Sportman's Guide for years(mainly for ammo) and been satisfied. I am writing this because I think if anyone wants to order from them you should check their website first. Only on the site can you see that so many items is out of stock, also there is a backorder date that is displayed that is different from what you're told on the phone.

    This last time I am told I will have to wait a month or two for half the items I've ordered. This is fine, I know things happen.

    However, I've been waiting since Spring for a holographic site I've ordered and I've gotten the runaround. Now they've sent me a Fall catalog with the item I want in it, along with a note saying I'll have to wait until October now to see it - maybe.

    I called to ask why they were advertising an item they didn't have in their catalog. The rude supervisor told me the catalogs are printed far in advance and they couldn't be expected to keep the inventory current with what was listed. When I asked to cancel the order she hung up on me.

    Folks, this differs from the company I work for greatly. We are expected to coordinate with our vendors and match our catalog with our inventory. No excuses are accepted at our company. It just surprised me that she brushed it off after four months of waiting.

    I called back and the gentleman I spoke with said he wouldn't cancel the order until Monday. This is a far cry from the good customer service I used to receive.

    I am not writing this looking for folks to boycott the business or anything like that. THIS IS JUST AN FYI. I have waited long periods for other things, everybody has, this is not unusual. I just wanted to mention that the Sportman's Guide really seems to be slipping lately in terms of stock and service.

    This is just a note to be aware when leafing through their catalog, because if somthing is out of stock you might have a long, looong wait ahead of you. Also expect some pretty angry people on the other end of the phone, they get pretty mad when you start asking questions, all they want to hear is your credit card number.